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“For months now, African-Americans have been assaulting visibly Jewish residents of the New York region, especially Brooklyn. In that time, the media have repeatedly obscured the ethnicity of the attackers; in fact, the only way to tell that the perpetrators are overwhelmingly black has been to look at mug shots and video footage of the attacks.” — David Benkof

For more on this story, see, The Media Can’t Keep Ignoring The Racial Element Of The New York Pogrom

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The video below shows the political corruption in California, which is a failed state because of the Democrat Party. It has the highest income taxes, the most illegal aliens, and the largest homeless population in the nation. Voter fraud keeps the leftist Democrat Party in power and will continue to do so in perpetuity. 

California is a lost cause, and Illinois and New York are not far behind following in its footsteps. Soon Florida and Texas will join them, and when they do, the Democrat Party will control the Electoral College, i.e. the presidency will go to the Democrat in perpetuity, which means the party will control the appointments for who sits on the Supreme Court and who interprets the Constitution. 

California is microcosm of what the United States will become once the Democrat Party gains control of the three branches of government again. 

So when you vote in 2020, use this rule of thumb: the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat. 

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FBI Files: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s Father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. Was “Constant Companion” Of Notorious Mobster Benjamin Magliano

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Indiana‘s “Repussican” Governor Caves to Gaystapo

By Jerry A. Kane

Facing enormous media pressure, boycotts from Apple and Wal-Mart, and the threat of businesses and factories leaving the state, Indiana’s “Repussican” governor, Mike Pence, a.k.a. Michelle Heartpence, revised the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to promote the homosexual agenda and homosexual bullying.

“The revised language … forces Christian bakers to bake cakes in violation of their faith and conscience,” said Bryan Fischer, American Family Association

Heartpence’s changes to Indiana’s RFRA erode the freedom of conscience for Christian business owners in the state and mark a major step in promoting special, protected rights for homosexuals.

“What was designed to defend people of faith against being discriminated against and bullied will, instead …force people of faith … to disobey God or face government sanction,” said Matt Barber, founder and editor-in chief of barbwire.com

Democrat governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, who had banned state officials from traveling to Indiana in an effort to show solidarity with the homosexual agenda and opposition to Indiana’s religious freedom law, applauded Heartpence’s capitulation to the Gaystapo and lifted their bans on Saturday.

The sad irony is that a law originally designed to protect Christian business owners from bullying by the Gaystapo now forces Christians to submit the Gaystapo’s agenda or face prosecution and punishment by the state.

And the band played on.

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In a feature segment titled “Homework Helper: Math Tips for the Common Core,” on NBC affiliate WGZR Channel 2 in Buffalo, New York, a fourth grade math teacher, Eileen Klag Ryan from Maple West Elementary in Williamsville, explains how to add 9+6 using base ten.

According to Ryan, young students might be uncomfortable solving a simple addition problem such as 9+6, but will be “quite comfortable thinking about their friend 10 because they’ve been working in a base 10 system in the earlier grades.

In the video, Ryan explains how common core math teaches students to decompose the 6 and partner the 9 to a 1 so they can anchor to their friend 10 and see what 9+6 is.

“Partner, anchor, decompose? That’s not math. That’s ‘The Silence of the Lambs!‘” quipped Greg Gutfeld on Fox News’ “The Five”

And here’s another simple arithmetic equation solved by using Common Core math:

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