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Graham Enters the Fray

Graham’s a South Carolina Republican known for working with leftist Democrats and for promoting climate change legislation and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

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The Department of Justice (DoJ) is working on implementing “more than a dozen” new gun control regulations. The DoJ plans to bypass Congress to implement the new regs, which “range from new restrictions on high-powered pistols to gun storage requirements” and the issuance of “new rules expanding criteria for people who do not quality for gun ownership.”

Under the expanding criteria, any person “who spanked his kid, or yelled at his wife, or slapped her husband” could be barred from owning a gun.

According to the NRA and Gun Owners of America, Hussein I (peace be upon him) wants to disqualify anyone who sees a psychologist from owning a gun, which might deter some people from pursuing needed mental health care treatment for fear of losing their guns.

In March, the NRA warned that Loretta Lynch would be another Eric Holder, yet 10 GOP senators refused to heed the warning and joined with Democrats to make Lynch the country’s top law enforcement officer.

One of the treacherous ten Republicans who voted for Lynch was Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who now is running for president. Thanks to the treacherous ten, Lynch’s DOJ, “now has the Second Amendment in its sights.”

For more on the story, see Obama’s DOJ To Circumvent Congress With ‘More Than A Dozen’ New Gun Controls.

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