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Jonathan Gentry isn’t afraid to talk about the breakdown of civilization in the black community. He addresses the black activists and civil rights leaders and responds to the Michael Brown killing where an unarmed black 18-year-old was reportedly shot after an alleged altercation with a white police officer.

In the 6:18 youtube video that he had posted to his Facebook page, Gentry gets right to the point about the looting and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. He tells the black looters, rioters, and arsonists that what they are doing isn’t helping.

“[T]his is embarrassing. The whole country is watching us act like Planet of the Apes, Part III. Acting like Curious George on Red Bull ain’t helping.”

By the way, Curious George is a brown monkey character in a children’s book series that is brought from Africa to a big city, and Red Bull is a fizzy, caffeine/sugar-laden energy drink.

According to Gentry, he is telling black folks what they “need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear.”

“All we know how to do is march, and riot, and loot. … All we know how to do is blame the police and white folks for our actions. … I’m sick of it. … Let’s change as black people. When is this gonna stop. When! How are our children supposed to grow up when we’re out here acting like a stoned fool? How are our kids supposed to grow up when we’re out here acting stupid? How? … When, are we gonna overcome? It’s been fifty plus years and all we’re doin’ is goin’ ’round in circles.”

Gentry says he’s “still waitin’ for us to overcome.”

“Change is not going to come until we change it. … Let’s stop marchin’ and let’s just change.”

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