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Depression and drug abuse often cause homosexuals to engage in unprotected sex with strangers, even when they’ve been educated and trained to understand the deadly consequences of such reckless sexual behavior. A 2001 New York Times report featured the stories of some homosexual men who knew the risks of engaging in unprotected sex but did so anyway.

In once incident, a homosexual HIV prevention educator named Seth Watkins got depressed and had unprotected anal intercourse without a condom with a stranger and became HIV positive. In spite of his job training, the HIV educator continues to engage in unprotected sex and put other people at risk.

I don’t like to think about it because I don’t want to give anyone HIV,” he said.

In another incident, a homosexual male, who had never engaged in anal intercourse without a condom, went to a sex club on the spur of the moment when he got depressed and had unprotected sex.

“[T]here was just something about that particular circumstance and that particular person. I don’t know how to describe it. It just appealed to me; it made it seem like it was all right,” he said.

One of the homosexuals interviewed in the Times story openly admitted that he cares more about self-gratification than he cares about spreading HIV.

“The prospect of going through the rest of your life having to cover yourself up every time you want to get intimate with someone is an awful one. …Now I’ve got HIV and I don’t have to worry about getting it. There is a part of me that’s relieved. I was tired of always having to be careful, of this constant diligence that has to be paid to intimacy when intimacy should be spontaneous,” he said.

A 1998 Seattle study found that 10 percent of HIV-positive males engaged in unprotected anal sex, and the percentage doubled in 2000. According to a study of males who attend homosexual “circuit” parties, 10 percent expected to become HIV-positive in their lifetime. The study reported that 17 percent of the circuit party attendees were already HIV positive, two thirds of circuit party attendees had oral or anal sex, and 28 percent did not use condoms.

Researchers found that 95 percent of the partiers used psychoactive drugs at the most recent event they attended, and that there was a direct correlation between the number of drugs used during a circuit party weekend and the likelihood of unprotected anal sex. The researchers concluded that “the likelihood of transmission of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases among party attendees and secondary partners becomes a real public health concern.”

A study of homosexual males attending circuit parties showed that 46 percent claimed to have a “primary partner.” Twenty-seven percent of the men with primary partners “had multiple sex partners (oral or anal) during their most recent circuit party weekend.

According to a University of New South Wales study, it is the well-educated professional males, who experienced the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, that are most likely to forego the use of a condom.

If homosexual males were not compelled to gratify their insatiable sexual hunger, they’d avoid circuit parties and use condoms. But neither education nor counseling deters them from engaging in such reckless behavior.

The greater incidence of physical and mental health problems among homosexuals and lesbians has serious consequences for length of life. Males engaged in homosexual or bisexual lifestyles can cut up to 20 years off their lives. The study concluded that only 32 percent of 20-year-old homosexual or bisexual males would live to be 65 years old, compared to 78 percent for men in general. On average, cigarette smokers lose about 13.5 years of life expectancy.

The impact on length of life may be even greater than reported in the study. Suicide rates are higher among homosexual males than the general U.S. male population. Syphilis, anal cancer, and Hepatitis B and C also affect homosexual and bisexual men disproportionately.

For homosexual males, sex outside the primary relationship is ubiquitous even during the first year. Homosexual males reportedly have sex with someone other than their partner in 66 percent of relationships within the first year, rising to approximately 90 percent if the relationship endures over five years.

Studies reveal that long-term sexual fidelity is rare among homosexual, lesbian, and bisexual couples, particularly among homosexual males. In one study, only 15 percent of homosexual males and 17.3 percent of lesbians had relationships that lasted more than three years.

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