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At a public meeting, Hagerstown mayor and city council denied a citizen his right to propose an ordinance to make Hagerstown a sanctuary city for the unborn. 

The ordinance would allow the city to exercise its constitutional right of self-governance and outlaw abortion within city limits.

Within seconds after Harold King mentioned the word abortion in his opening remarks during the public comment period at the Hagerstown Mayor & City Council Meeting, seven-term council member Lewis C. Metzner interrupted him with a motion to adjourn the meeting. 

Metzner’s motion passed unanimously denying King and others who were scheduled to speak at the meeting their right to speak and be heard.

Earlier this year Waskom, Texas, passed the first city ordinance in Texas to outlaw abortion within city limits. 

Since then, several other cities throughout Texas and the US have shown interest in becoming Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn.

The mayor and the council members who denied the citizens of Hagerstown, Maryland, their right to speak at that meeting should be removed from office, but of course they won’t be because not enough Americans actually care about defending and preserving their constitutional and God-given rights. 

Hats alone won’t make America great again. 


I.M. Kane

For more information, see Mayor, City Council Shuts Down Citizen Within Seconds From Speaking Against Abortion, Adjourns Meeting and How To Establish Sanctuary Cities For The Unborn.

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