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Red Flag Laws are dangerous to our liberties and freedoms. Red Flag Laws not only violate the Second Amendment and the Fourth Amendment, they also violate the Fifth Amendment, Sixth Amendment, Seventh Amendment, and Fourteenth Amendment.

Everything about Red Flag Laws is unconstitutional and ought to be resisted on all fronts. If Americans are complacent and apathetic about Red Flag Laws they will quickly lose not only their gun rights, but their due process rights as well.

Gun Owners of America is calling on President Donald Trump, Congress, and state legislatures to reject calls for gun control, including Universal Background Checks,  Assault Weapon Bans, and Red Flag Laws.

“It is frustrating to see President Donald Trump’s continued support for so-called Red Flag laws. These Red Flag laws, properly known as Gun Confiscation Orders, are incompatible with actual due process and allow for the confiscation of firearms from innocent Americans.” GOA

Stay vigilant, patriots.

More more information, see, The 6 Constitutional Violations of Red Flag Laws  and GOA STATEMENT ON TRAGIC SHOOTINGS IN EL PASO, TX AND DAYTON, OH.


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Deming, New Mexico, police pulled over David Eckert, 64, January 2, 2013, for running a stop sign. What should have been a routine traffic citation for Eckert turned Kafkaesque when Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office drug-sniffing dog Leo signaled he had drugs.

This isn’t the first time Leo, whose certification allegedly expired in April 2011, has barked up the wrong tree. In October 2012, police stopped Timothy Young for a turn signal violation. Leo alerted Sheriff’s deputies that Young had drugs, but a search of his vehicle and person failed to turn up any.

When police didn’t find any drugs in Eckert’s vehicle, they got a search warrant from a judge authorizing a probe “up to and including [Eckert’s] anal cavity.” They took him to Gila Regional Medical Center where he underwent three enemas, two digital anal probes, two X-ray scans, and a colonoscopy with anesthesia. The warrant’s limits allegedly were exceeded by the colonoscopy.

Not only was the colonoscopy performed without Eckert’s consent, but he also was billed $6,000 by the medical center for the procedure. Eckert refused to pay the bill.

In December 2013 a quiet settlement was reached with Eckert. Deming gave the scrap metal tradesman $950,000 and Hidalgo County forked over another $650,000.

This 10:53 youtube video is taken from The Millstone Report web cast at the Resistance Radio Network.

New Mexico Police Force Man to undergo Colonoscopy – Conclusion

This 3:23 youtube video is taken from The Millstone Report web cast at the Resistance Radio Network.

The two-hour show aired Wednesday, November 6, 2013. TMR was broadcast live M-F from 10:00 am – noon on channel 2.

For more clips from The Millstone Report web cast visit I.M. Kane 2012 on youtube. To see a rebroadcast of the last show, visit the Ought to be Headlines web page.


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