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Calvinism and Arminianism Are Irreconcilable Theological Positions Regarding Salvation through Jesus Christ

By Jerry A. Kane

The following exchange of comments took place on my youtube channel imkane2012 in response to the abduction and the “miraculous” release of 10-year-old Willie Myrick the subject of my most popular youtube video BOY SINGS THIS GOSPEL SONG UNTIL KIDNAPPER CAN’T TAKE HEARING IT ANYMORE AND SETS HIM FREE.

Response from Jasey:

Never believed in god, but trust me, i want to be able to but i just can’t.

My Response:

You are so right, Jasey. None of us can believe God unless God gives us life and the faith to believe in Him. We all are born with a sinful nature and spiritually dead in our trespasses and sins. I will pray that God bestows grace and mercy to you and awakens you to the truth of Christ Jesus.

Response from Jasey:

Thanks 🙂 i hope that someday i will see it

Response from Debi to Jasey:

Jasey, the same way you learn about math, sports, video games or zombies (lol) is to study and immerse yourself into whatever it is you desire to know or be better at…it’s the same with God, you can’t truly know Him if you don’t seek Him out and read His Word – The Bible. God is right there in front of you, holding the most amazing gift you will ever own, but if you don’t reach out and accept the gift, and bring it home, and open it up, and hold it, you will never have or know this gift. There is historical proof that Jesus existed, but you just need to read His Word to know Him. Isiah 53 was written 700 years before Jesus, yet it describes Jesus crucifixion (years before crucifixion was even used) God proves himself over and over in The Bible, but you have to read and study it to understand what it means for you. Find a really good church that can come along side you, and help you to understand God’s love for you, dig into God’s Word and accept the best gift you’ll ever receive.

My Response to Jasey and Debi:

Jesey: What has been presented to you are Protestantism’s doctrines of salvation known as Calvinism (my position) and Arminianism (Debie’s position).

In Calvinism, God chooses men for salvation, and He chose those who are and will be saved (the elect) before He created the world. He foreknows those who will accept His salvation because He knew them and planned their salvation before the world began.

In Arminianism, man’s “free will” determines salvation. It is God’s will for all men to be saved, but men decide whether they will accept or reject God’s offer of salvation. God’s foreknowledge is based entirely on man’s response. God didn’t predetermine everything before He created the world; He adjusts his plans accordingly based on man’s responses.

Christians cite Scripture to support both theological positions, but the vast majority of Protestant denominations today preach and teach Arminianism.

Although an argument can be made for both positions from Scripture, only one position can be true for they are mutually exclusive.

For more on the mutually exclusive Calvinism and Arminianism positions, see Calvinism & Arminianism Compared.


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On March 31, 10-year-old Willie Myrick was abducted from his Atlanta, Georgia, driveway. The abductor allegedly lured Myrick with cash and when the boy got close enough, the man grabbed him and pulled him into his car.

The kidnapper drove around for three hours and Myrick sang the gospel song “Every Praise” repeatedly until the man got sick of hearing it and told him to get out of the car.

Myrick said the kidnapper kept yelling at him and telling him to shυt up “f*ck boy”, but the boy refused.

He opened the door and threw me out. He told me not to tell anyone,” Myrick said.

After hearing the story of how his song had potentially saved Myrick’s life, the man who wrote “Every Praise,” gospel singer Hezekiah Walker, traveled from New York to Atlanta to meet the boy.

 “I really believe that God spoke through me to save that young man’s life,” Walker said.

 The man who abducted Myrick is still on the loose, but police have released a sketch of the suspect.



Check out Hezekiah Walker’s uplifting video “Every Praise.”

Every Praise

 Every praise is to our God.

Every word of worship with one accord

Every praise every praise is to our God.

Sing hallelujah to our God

Glory hallelujah is due our God

Every praise every praise is to our God.

God my Savior

God my Healer

God my Deliverer

Yes He is, yes He is

Yes He is, yes He is [repeat]

Every praise is to our God.

Every word of worship with one accord

 Every praise every praise [repeat]

Is to our God


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