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The Viewer’s View is hosted by two black ladies who just happen to be enthusiastic supporters of the Donald. In the video below, the ladies take on Megyn Kelly of Fox News for “trying to destroy our future president Mr. Donald Trump, and vow they “won’t let that happen.”

Trump’s poll numbers didn’t nose dive, and he didn’t crash and burn after Thursday night’s debate as predicted by Fox News punditry. And what’s more, he still seems to be resonating with “the folks” out there.

Think about it. Two black women come to the defense of a white republican who was accused by a popular female journalist and news pundit of displaying a history of anti-woman behavior.

The faux conservatives at Fox News and the Republican establishment must be downing a few extra boilermakers due to the amount of backlash they’ve received from their failure to destroy Trump.

He’s still upright, while they are spinning like mad and preparing for some serious damage control.

Give the video below a tumble; these two ladies are a hoot. You go girls.


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hopeless victims of mental illness

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Brooklyn born songwriter and Rap artist Boo Bulgari performs his Rap song “Pump The Trump.” The song was recorded and mixed at The Saltmine Studio Oasis in Mesa, Az.

Boo Bulgari

Boo Bulgari, American songwriter and Rap artist living in Phoenix, Arizona

Watch, share and politicians beware.

Donald Trump, it is what it is
You can love him or hate him, but the game is all his
Critics say he’s not presidential
He’s got the skills that we all find essential

Cause man our country’s business is bruised and busted
Our currency’s weak these dudes can’t be trusted
Our allies are mad – enemies locked and loaded
Don’t be mis-informed when it’s your time for voting
Pump the Trump
You may think you know him from TV and pageants
But the game he will bring you can only imagine
He listens to both sides asks questions
He can take this country in the right direction
Hold the borders shut down the illegals
Bust up the terror with the claws of our Eagle
So watch out look out all you non-performers
You about to get trumped with a new reformer
Pump the Trump
This is the time the White House the place
Trump is the man who already won this race
He speaks truth, to negotiate
He’s the Business mind gonna clean up the slate
We need a leader who is never scared of a fight
No special interest meetings in the dark of the night
It’s your choice I choose to roll in the light
The right man for the job Donald Trump, alright?
Pump the trump




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