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A Lesson in “Marriage Equality”

By Jerry A. Kane

When the idea of same-sex “marriage” was first soft pedaled to the gullible masses, the pitch was, “What can it possibly matter to you if two men or two women wed?” As Glenn Beck said, “If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?”

Since then conservatives and evangelical business owners have learned the difference it makes and why it matters: It can mean an end to their small businesses, it can mean their church institutions including schools and adoption agencies can no longer be run according to biblical principles, and it can mean the loss of their jobs if they work as a Fox sports analyst, a CEO for Mozilla’s web browser Firefox, or as a contractor with Ford Motor Company.

Will Americans stand behind the Constitutional protections for people of conscience and conviction to live their lives and run their institutions in accord with their faith, or will they stand by and allow state agencies to fire, fine, or imprison anyone who finds same-sex “marriage” objectionable?

The Gaystapo message to evangelicals and conservatives isn’t the once-heralded live-and-let-live proverb; it’s the ISIS shout to the infidel, “Renounce your faith or die!”

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Indiana‘s “Repussican” Governor Caves to Gaystapo

By Jerry A. Kane

Facing enormous media pressure, boycotts from Apple and Wal-Mart, and the threat of businesses and factories leaving the state, Indiana’s “Repussican” governor, Mike Pence, a.k.a. Michelle Heartpence, revised the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to promote the homosexual agenda and homosexual bullying.

“The revised language … forces Christian bakers to bake cakes in violation of their faith and conscience,” said Bryan Fischer, American Family Association

Heartpence’s changes to Indiana’s RFRA erode the freedom of conscience for Christian business owners in the state and mark a major step in promoting special, protected rights for homosexuals.

“What was designed to defend people of faith against being discriminated against and bullied will, instead …force people of faith … to disobey God or face government sanction,” said Matt Barber, founder and editor-in chief of barbwire.com

Democrat governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, who had banned state officials from traveling to Indiana in an effort to show solidarity with the homosexual agenda and opposition to Indiana’s religious freedom law, applauded Heartpence’s capitulation to the Gaystapo and lifted their bans on Saturday.

The sad irony is that a law originally designed to protect Christian business owners from bullying by the Gaystapo now forces Christians to submit the Gaystapo’s agenda or face prosecution and punishment by the state.

And the band played on.

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