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John Morgan, the primary fundraiser for Democrat Charlie Crist’s 2014 bid for Governor of Florida and slated to be the state’s next Attorney General, went on a drunken, curse-laden rant for medical marijuana.

“I’m trying to legalize medical marijuana. I’m not just here to do it, I’m here to fuckin’ do it,” Morgan said. “We’re not just gonna do it. We’re gonna fuckin’ do it,” he added.

Morgan urged the crowd in support of Florida’s medical marijuana initiative to “get outta your goddamn bed and vote, [or] we will lose this election.”

“If you mother fuckers don’t get up and vote, fuck it all; we can’t win, I’m tellin’ you,” Morgan said.

Morgan explained to the crowd that he had gone to the Outback Steakhouse and was supposed to go home, but he “got fucked up [instead].”

“And now I’m back up here. Shit happens,” Morgan said.

Morgan is the boss of former Governor Crist, and he was also a major fundraiser for Hussein Obama, whorehouse Harry Reed, and the boy president Bill Clinton.

The Democrat controlled media will censor this story to protect Crist and Morgan, so this video needs to go viral.

If Florida voters don’t get to see this video and Crist becomes governor, this foul-mouthed, low-life lush will become the state’s next Attorney General.


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