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Via The Last Refuge: A local Saint Louis radio station is reporting that Dorian Johnson has recanted his prior media espousals and now asserts that he and Mike Brown did indeed engage in a physical confrontation with Officer Darren Wilson. As a consequence the same Radio Station is asserting the local prosecutor essentially advises it’s doubtful charges would be filed. The Radio Station report is screen capped below:

“For the record….WE broke the autopsy results ON SATURDAY NIGHT, RIGHT HERE. Every detail that WE reported, (6 shots, none in the back, marijuana etc) were all confirmed on Monday. Our info has been right on, and I have no reason to doubt this. It’s NOT a rumor. It’s fact.”–100.7 THE VIPER

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The media condemned the Ferguson Police Department for waiting days to release the Mike Brown strong-arm robbery video claiming that the “protesters” might not have rioted had they known that Brown was the prime suspect in a robbery that occurred 10 minutes before he was shot and killed by a white police officer.

It turns out that Hussein’s Attorney General, Eric “the red” Holder was the reason the cops had withheld the video for so long. Holder had been pressuring them all week not to release the robbery video, or to even tell anyone about it because he deemed it too “inflammatory” to be seen. I’m no lawyer, but isn’t trying to hide exculpatory evidence illegal?

It was only after Hussein pressured Democrat Governor Jay Nixon to remove the Ferguson cops from the case and replace with them with the state Highway Patrol and its black captain that the fed-up Ferguson cops defied Holder and released the Mike Brown video.

SHOCK Report: DOJ Asked Ferguson Police Not to Release Mike Brown Robbery Video

The youtube video below shows 18-year-old Michael Brown’s “strong-arm” robbery of cigars from the Ferguson Market and Liquor store in Ferguson, Missouri. The video shows “Big Mike” shoving and intimidating a much smaller store clerk as he is about to walk out of the door with the cigars.

The release of the video discredited the mainstream media’s and some alternative media outlet’s narrative of an innocent, saintly gentle giant walking to grandma’s house when a racist cop blew him away.

The video also shows Dorian Johnson accompanying Brown in the convenience store. Johnson said he saw the shooting and that Brown had raised his hands to surrender, and he was shot in the back.

Michael Brown ‘Strong-Arm’ Robbery Video Before Shooting – Ferguson, Missouri

Before he called in the National Guard, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon attempted to appease Hussein and Ferguson’s lawless mobs, which have been exploiting the Michael Brown shooting, by removing the Ferguson Police Department from the case and putting Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol in charge.

Instead of defusing the situation, Johnson’s decision to sympathize with the “protesters,” has intensified the resentment for the Ferguson cops and Officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed Michael Brown.

Johnson spoke at the Greater Grace Church to more than a thousand people gathered to remember Brown, and said meeting “Big Mike’s” family “brought tears to my eyes.”

“To the family of Michael Brown, I want you to know that my heart goes out to you and that I am sorry. I wear this uniform, so I’m standing up here to say I’m sorry. This is my neighborhood. You are my family. You are my friends and I am you.

When this is over, I am going to go in my son’s room. My black son. Who wears his pants sagging. Wears his hat cocked to the side. Got tattoos on his arms. But that’s my baby.”—Ron Johnson, Missouri Highway Patrol captain

Here’s a photo of Captain Ron Johnson and friend flashing a gang sign:

Here’s a photo of Captain Ron Johnson marching for justice in Ferguson, Missouri, with “Bloods” street gang members:

Here’s a photo of Captain Ron Johnson and New Black Panther Party leader Malik Zulu Shabazz. Shabazz is a black nationalist with a history of anti-Semitic remarks and racist accusations about the inherent evil of white people.

“Kill every goddamn Zionist in Israel! Goddamn little babies, goddamn old ladies! Blow up Zionist supermarkets!”—Malik Zulu Shabazz, speaking at the protest of B’nai B’rith International in Washington, DC (2002)

“Our rise is co-dependent on the white man’s demise.”—Malik Zulu Shabazz, speaking at the national Black Power Summit in Atlanta, Georgia (2007)

The mainstream media have portrayed Michael Brown as a good kid headed for college and a gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt anyone. But the truth is “Big Mike” Brown was a bully and gang member who committed a “strong-arm” robbery at a convenience store ten minutes before being shot by police. His accomplice, 22-year-old Dorian Johnson, was a fugitive with an outstanding police warrant.

In his spare time, “Big Mike” wrote Rap lyrics, and here’s a sample of his genius:

I’ll be counting money by myself

I’m a rich nigga so I got that wealth

I f*** three … hos by myself

While I’m smoking on this …

When the sun goes down

You in trouble now

Here’s another sample:

Smoking on this dope, till I choke


Motherf***er, f*** you and your opinions

Do you do smoke weed, keep doing what you do best

And another:

Every time I call your bitch I make her cum

And when she comes I’m cumming all over her tush

I beat that pussy up

I’m smoking purple

I roll fat blunts they look just like my thumb

While I bless him with a d*** on his face

Last one:

With this Glock in your face

And you betta not make a sound

And I only like white men on my money …

Those who are last shall be first,

Whites on the bottom

He musta walked up and unloaded because there was no stopping him

Somebody else layin’ across the street, must be his partner


Here’s a montage of “Big Mike” flashing gang signs:

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Jonathan Gentry isn’t afraid to talk about the breakdown of civilization in the black community. He addresses the black activists and civil rights leaders and responds to the Michael Brown killing where an unarmed black 18-year-old was reportedly shot after an alleged altercation with a white police officer.

In the 6:18 youtube video that he had posted to his Facebook page, Gentry gets right to the point about the looting and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. He tells the black looters, rioters, and arsonists that what they are doing isn’t helping.

“[T]his is embarrassing. The whole country is watching us act like Planet of the Apes, Part III. Acting like Curious George on Red Bull ain’t helping.”

By the way, Curious George is a brown monkey character in a children’s book series that is brought from Africa to a big city, and Red Bull is a fizzy, caffeine/sugar-laden energy drink.

According to Gentry, he is telling black folks what they “need to hear as opposed to what you want to hear.”

“All we know how to do is march, and riot, and loot. … All we know how to do is blame the police and white folks for our actions. … I’m sick of it. … Let’s change as black people. When is this gonna stop. When! How are our children supposed to grow up when we’re out here acting like a stoned fool? How are our kids supposed to grow up when we’re out here acting stupid? How? … When, are we gonna overcome? It’s been fifty plus years and all we’re doin’ is goin’ ’round in circles.”

Gentry says he’s “still waitin’ for us to overcome.”

“Change is not going to come until we change it. … Let’s stop marchin’ and let’s just change.”

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In August 2011, former child star Corey Feldman told ABC’s Nightline in an interview that Hollywood’s number-one problem and big secret “was and is and always will be pedophilia.”

“It’s something that will be addressed in my inner soul for the rest of my life, and it’s something that truly affects me,” Feldman told GQ magazine.

In April of this year, Michael Egan III alleged that he was one of several underage boys who were sexually abused in a Hollywood sex ring in the 1990s. According to the Los Angeles Times, Egan filed a federal lawsuit accusing movie director Bryan Singer “of drugging and raping him in 1999 when he was 17 years old.

Hollywood has a problem with the sexual exploitation of children,” said Jeffrey Herman, Egan’s lawyer

Egan claims that Singer forcibly sodomized him, and that the openly homosexual director of the X-Men action films attended sex parties in Encino, California, at the estate of Marc Collins-Rector, a digital entertainment company executive who Egan claims lured him into the sex ring with promises of auditions for acting, modeling, and commercial jobs.

According to Egan, Collins-Rector was surrounded by a large network of homosexual pedophiles, and that he repeatedly threatened Egan saying that “We control Hollywood and we will eliminate you.”

In 2004 Collins-Rector was convicted of transporting five minors across state lines to engage in sexual activities. He pleaded guilty to eight charges of child enticement and is now a registered sex offender.

Compared with the numerous stories of sexual abuse allegations against Catholic priests, the broadcast and cable news networks have been virtually silent when it comes to reporting Egan’s claims of rampant child molestation in the entertainment industry. To their credit, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and USA Today did publish brief reports on the filing, but the Washington Post ignored the lawsuit.

It looks like the major media have embraced the “what happens in Hollywood, stays in Hollywood” mentality when it involves the existing subculture of pedophilia in Hollywood. For homosexual directors and other adults in the entertainment industry, sexually exploiting and abusing underage boys is after all a counter-cultural virtue.

And what’s even more appalling is that Americans care more about seeing the latest X-Men film than they care whether or not the horrific criminal allegations against its director are true.

Karl Marx got it all wrong; it’s entertainment, not religion that is the opiate of the masses. Well, it is in the United States anyway.

Corey Feldman and Michael Egan III Accuse Hollywood of Child Sex Abuse

This 3:53 youtube video features clips of whistleblowers Corey Feldman and Michael Egan III alleging that homosexuals in the entertainment industry have been sexually exploiting and abusing underage boys.

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In the latest episode of “The Firewall,” Bill Whittle talks about his brief affliction with mental illness, and how reading a few books by P.J. O’Rourke exposed his gee-whiz ideas of wealth redistribution, free health care, and gun control to the light of truth and common sense.

In the following 7:16 youtube video, Whittle confesses that in college he had been a barking-mad moonbat, i.e., a crazy leftist.

“I was mentally ill because I passionately believed in things I knew nothing about.”

After college, Whittle read a few books by O’Rourke that helped him to question those presumptions that he’d believed were just and true. Whittle came to realize that capitalism is actually better than socialism, and not because someone says so, “but because all of the rafts are going from Cuba to America and none of the rafts are going from America to Cuba.”

O’Rourke helped Whittle understand that it’s better to be right than consistent.

I now actually understand the things that I believe in, and when I’m wrong, I move … to where the truth is; or at least where it appears to be because … The truth doesn’t care about where we sit; it sits where it sits. You have to go to it; it won’t come to you.”

It actually takes concerted effort to be a socialist. Think about it. They have to live in a constant state of denial, always ignoring reality and history and suppressing common sense and reason. And “that’s just nuts.”

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By Bill Been

As an American who values our country second only to God and family, it is difficult to understand why the vast majority of the leaders and spokesmen for our country consistently voice a lack of understanding as to why Barack Obama either does or does not do certain actions that would be viewed as adding value or preserving America. Whether it be elected officials, political experts, talk-radio, or fair and balanced discussions, it seems that the typical responses when asked “Why?” are “I don’t know” or “It is incompetency” or “Obama is inexperienced” or “Obama is just a community organizer” or “inept” or “does not have the will” while ignoring the fact that Barack Obama told America exactly what he was going to do and he is closely following his stated direction.

The purpose of this document is not only to demonstrate that the answer to the “Why?” question is very straightforward, but to also demonstrate that the wrong question is being asked further masking the anti-American agenda of Barack Hussein Obama.

My book, Masters of Audacity and Deceit, clearly describes why Barack Obama is acting in a fashion that is opposing America and the fundamental principles upon which America was founded. At the time the book was written, the concerns that are reality today were presented as threats created or supported by the National Democrat Party that need to be understood and confronted by all citizens. These same threats provide the explanation for Barack Obama’s apparent “incompetence” and can be summarized in one statement as follows:

Barack Obama is simply carrying out his transformation objectives and direction that he promised five days prior to his election to the presidency in 2008 by following the ideology and teachings of Cloward & Piven, Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, and Jeremiah Wright as interpreted by a host of communists including his mother, Frank Marshall Davis, and the admitted small ’c’ communist Bill Ayers, and far left groups epitomized by the Institute For Policy Studies while drawing financial and ideological support from wealthy liberals led by George Soros and the Soros Democracy Alliance group, the anti-American Progressive groups, and Wall Street executives such as Lloyd Blankfein under the protective cover of a totally compromised Mainstream Media and the corrupted modern day Democrat Party that is populated by leaders who lie, cheat, distort, and politicize events for their self-serving objectives without regard for either America or the American people.

That Barack Obama has succeeded in reaching his objectives is evident from the following list of his “accomplishments” during his first six years:


One special accomplishment that is an active work in process of Obama and his administration is to establish that “America is not a Christian nation” while declaring that Islam was instrumental in the establishment of America. This fallacious and false representation of American history was clearly debunked in a recent Fourth of July sermon that spoke to the charters of the Original Thirteen Colonies and why these people had left their homelands for the freedoms available in the New World. These charters tell the real American story and the success in downplaying this Judeo-Christian heritage is the most repulsive and scandalous accomplishment of Barack Hussein Obama. These charters are presented with the hope being that some people will awaken and come to the rescue of America before Barack Obama and his anti-American allies complete their destruction of the greatest country on earth. Quotes from the charters follow:

Virginia – to help in “propagating of Christian religion…”

Plymouth – “…to advance the enlargement of the Christian religion to the glory of God Almighty.”

Delaware – one purpose is “…the further propagation of the Holy Gospel.”

Maryland – first settlers motivated by “…pious zeal for extending the Christian religion.”

Massachusetts – bring “the knowledge and obedience of the only true God and Savior of mankind.”

Rhode Island – “Commits its people to the true Christian faith and worship of God.”

Connecticut – “to help preserve the liberty and purity of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

New Hampshire – “…do in the name of Christ and in the sight of God…”

In addition, when the Declaration of Independence was written, the last words were “…under the protection of the Divine Providence.” This was followed some years later by George Washington, after his first inauguration, leading the members of the House and Senate to St. Paul’s Church in New York to seek guidance and to commit America to God.

In conclusion, the answer to the “Why?” question is very simply stated above if one understands the various transformation objectives that Barack Obama has clearly articulated throughout his lifetime. If this is understood, the need for the “Why?” question no longer exists, and the correct question can then be asked which is: “How do current events and crises fit into the Barack Obama transformation objectives and direction.?” Without this question being asked and answered, the American people will continue going to the next election never understanding why our great country is being diminished at home and abroad!!!!

July 31, 2014

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masters of audacity and deceit



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