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DEA Concerned Flesh-Eating Drug Krokodil in US

By Jerry A. Kane

A number of reports from Illinois, Utah, and Arizona documenting the use of the flesh-eating drug Krokodil has forced the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to admit the Russian-born heroin substitute is in the country. A Special Agent-in-Charge of DEA’s Chicago Field Division said DEA is “very concerned” and is trying to track down the source of the drug.

Krokodil (crocodile) got the name because it turns the user’s skin green and scaly. The cannibal heroin is mixture of over-the-counter painkillers, paint thinner, acid, phosphorus, and in some cases, gasoline.

“I have friends in Russia and I have been following this for some time. I was extremely worried it would come over to the US and now it has.”—Dr .Abhin Singla, Addiction Medicine and Addiction Psychiatry specialist

Krokodil eats the flesh from inside out. Its continued use causes blood vessels to burst, leaving the user’s skin green and scaly. Eventually gangrene sets in; the flesh rots to the bone, and in some cases limbs have to be amputated.

“The sores are very different to anything else, they go right down to the bone. It is extremely graphic and worse than anything I’ve seen before. … The effects are the worst I have ever seen from any drug in … [16] years of practise. It takes hold and does damage so fast.”—Dr .Abhin Singla,

For most Krokodil addicts life expectancy is about a year; although, some have lived up to three years. Of the quarter of a million people addicted to the “cannibal heroin” in Russia, 30,000 of them die each year from the effects of the drug.

”We have been using this stuff for around a year and a half, that’s how long it has been in the country for. We thought it was just normal heroin, in fact it was actually better because it was cheap and it gave a really intense high, much, much stronger than normal dope. But it didn’t take long before we both started to get these horrible deep sores on our bodies…

They need to find where this stuff is coming from and stop it. If my story makes a few people think twice then maybe some good has come out of this situation. “— Amber Neitzel, drug addict

I.M. Kane

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