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It appears Obama and his lackeys plan to fight two Syrian wars: one to overthrow Assad and the other to oust Al-Qaeda. Check out John McCain butt boy Lindsey Graham’s comments at the 6:48 mark of the 8:42 CSPAN video clip from a May 9, 2013, Senate Session.

“No Matter what there will be a second war, unfortunately. That second war is going to be between radical Islamists, who want to turn Syria into some kind of Al-Qaeda-inspired state, and the overwhelming majority of Syrians who want to live a better life and be our friends, not our enemies.  This war will occur after the fall of Assad, but it will end the right way. The sooner we get the first war over, the shorter the second war will be.”—Lindsey   Graham, US Senator (R-SC)

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, listen to the September 6, 2013, Rick Wiles interview with Pastor Chris Steinle at TRUNEWS.com. (Steinle interview begins at the 37:54 mark.)

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