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The three-part video below by Andrew Strorm shows the major leaders in the Charismatic renewal movement that is sweeping the world. Strorm connects the bodily gyrations and drunken behavior demonstrated by the movement’s hyper Pentecostals to the kundalini activations present in Hinduism and the spirit channelings of the New Age movement.

“The charismatic movement is largely the reason the [evangelical] church is in the mess it is in today. In virtually every area where church life is unbiblical, you can attribute it to the charismatic movement. … Its theology is bad. It is unbiblical. It is aberrant. … It is a very destructive movement … [made up of] hair-brained people who are just spinnin’ out whatever comes into their head and are prompted by Satan, not the Holy Spirit.”—John MacArthur

I.M. Kane

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