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UPS Drops Spouses from Insurance Plan because Obama’s Affordable Care Is Unaffordable

By Jerry A. Kane

UPS will drop 15,000 spouses from its medical insurance plan because Obama’s Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable.

[T]he costs associated with the Affordable Care Act … have made it increasingly difficult to continue providing the same level of health care benefits to our employees at an affordable cost.”—UPS memo to employees

Can you say single-payer health care? Obamacare is a step toward implementing a single-payer system where the private insurance market is abolished and the federal government provides womb-to-tomb health care for the proles.

As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid put it, “What we’ve done with Obamacare is have a step in the right direction” in order to “work our way past” the country’s private insurance-based health care system.

Once socialized medicine is implemented, the proles will discover that “access to a waiting list is not access to health care.” Then of course, it’ll be too late to do anything about it.

Thanks for the gumball, Mickey.

I.M. Kane

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