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Chaplain Assistant Could Face Court Martial for Calling Homosexuality a Sin

By Jerry A. Kane

An Army chaplain’s assistant could be court martialed for posting homosexuality is a sin on her personal Facebook page. The Facebook post was in reaction to a documentary she had watched about a pastor who endorsed homosexuality.

“A lot ticked off, now to all my gay friends you know I care about you so don’t think otherwise. I’m watching this documentary and this gay guy went to a church and the Pastor was telling him that he needs to embrace his way and know that it is not a sin. Ok umm wow, dude it is. I’m sick of people making Gods word what it’s not. Yes God loves you as a person but He hates the sin. Tired of hearing about Pastors being ok with homosexuality.”—Facebook post by chaplain’s assistant

The 26-year-old evangelical Christian, who wishes to remain anonymous, said her commander told her that her Facebook post “was creating hostile and antagonistic environment in the unit” and ordered her to “take it down or face a UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military Justice court martial].

The chaplain’s assistant vows not to remove the post because she doesn’t see anything hostile or antagonistic in it or think she’s done anything wrong.

“I haven’t taken it down and I won’t take it down. … For me to do that would be to say they won. Where does it stop? If they are going to silence me on Facebook, where will it stop?”—anonymous chaplain’s assistant

Her pastor at Radiant Church in Colorado Springs also doesn’t see anything objectionable in the posting.

“I read what she posted and there was absolutely no trace of animus, disrespect or hostility. … Her issue [was] with pastors who refuse to acknowledge scriptural teaching about homosexual behavior.”—Todd Hudnall, Radiant Church pastor

The chaplain’s assistant thinks that people in her unit reported her to the commander. She says she’ll stand her ground and go to court if necessary.

Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplains Alliance for Religious Liberty has contacted her and will support her if she needs it.

“Just because a person wears a uniform does not mean they give up their religious liberties and their ability to speak about matters of faith.”—Ron Crews

I.M. Kane

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