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Secretary of State John “Lurch” Kerry confirmed Monday that American’s first native born President, Barak Hussien Obama, will sign the controversial U.N. arms regulation treaty, which requires countries create a registry of gun owners, manufacturers, and traders within their borders and establish mechanisms that could keep the citizens of each country from buying ammunition for their own weapons.

This is only the beginning boys and girls. Obama’s power has been steadily increasing since he took office in 2009; and nothing will stop him from transforming America into a totalitarian state: not the military, not the legislature, and certainly not the judiciary.

Although the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate to ratify a treaty before its provisions can take effect, the specific language reads “two thirds of the Senators present,” which means the treaty can be ratified by a minimum quorum of just 34 Senators.

Keep in mind that there is no depth to which shameless machine party hack Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not stoop to further the Democrat Party’s agenda, and that America’s Constitution and rule of law have been largely ignored by Obama and his Bread and Circuses administration since taking office in 2009.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Kerry says US will sign UN treaty on arms regulation despite lawmaker opposition and Obama to Ignore Senate, Sign 2nd Amendment-Violating UN Gun Treaty.

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