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The audio, video, photos, e-mails, documents, and other information to track people’s movements and contacts that U.S. intelligence agencies have been extracting could end up in the one million square-foot, $1.9 billion Utah Data Center scheduled for completion this October.

The facility is located at Camp Williams on the Salt Lake-Utah County line, and officials have been on the q.t. about the type of information to be stored in the spy center’s four data halls.

When Obama first ran for president, he ran as an opposition candidate denouncing George W. Bush and his administration for carrying out surveillance and secretly gathering data in fighting the War on Terror, and now he has the chutzpah to tell the American people that they must relinquish their Fourth Amendment rights to “help us prevent terrorist attacks.”

“Yesterday, there was a Tzar and there were slaves. Today, there is no Tzar, but the slaves are still here. Tomorrow there will be only Tzars. We walk forward in the name of the free man of tomorrow, the Tzar of tomorrow. We have gone through the epoch when the masses were oppressed. We are now going through the epoch when the individual is oppressed in the name of the masses.”

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see “Inside America’s $1.9billion data mine: How all your private details will soon be stored in this vast NSA nerve center in Utah Valley.”

NSA Whistle-blower Reveals “Stellar Wind” Spying on You – code named The Program 8:28 Video

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