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Around noon yesterday Jack Pawlowski grabbed a toy gun and his two kids and walked over to Ditmars Park to shoot plastic pellets at a tree.

“At first I thought I was hallucinating. He pulled out this gun. The next thing, he took his son, who is 3, and showed him how to use it, and then the family took turns shooting the gun.”—Maria Smilios of Astoria

The Queens man was arrested for allegedly shooting plastic pellets from a toy pellet gun and showing his kids how to fire it.

“I don’t tend to take things lying down, so I went past the parents, and so I walked straight over and I confronted him. I mean, he’s brandishing a firearm and I don’t care if that firearm is plastic. That’s unacceptable.”—Leni Calas, mom who was on a playground at the park

Soon the designers of the politically-correct, Democrat-controlled totalitarian states will be putting up iron curtains to keep their people in.

When they came for the plastic toy guns that shoot plastic pellets, I did nothing because I was not a toy gun owner.

“And another great day in this greatest nation on God’s green earth.”

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see EXCLUSIVE: Man Arrested For Allegedly Shooting Realistic Toy Gun With Kids In Queens Park.

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