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What the hell’s wrong with you Wisconsinites that you allow the Government Accountability Board (GAB), a supposedly neutral government agency, to act in a blatantly partisan manner to further the objectives of the Democrat Party and disenfranchise your overseas military personnel in a presidential election?

Your service men and women’s votes should be counted first. They are fighting to preserve your freedom, liberties, and right to vote; and they, more than anybody else in your state, deserve to vote. NEVER, EVER should they be disenfranchised from the voting process?

In fact, no state should be allowed to submit its vote totals until its precious military votes are in and counted, and that goes doubly for Michigan, Mississippi, and Vermont where similar complaints have been filed with state election officials.

Wisconsin is a battleground state in this year’s presidential election, and could play a role in determining who wins the presidency. According to GAB data, 6,496 military and permanent overseas voter absentee ballots were counted in the 2008 presidential election.

“[T]he 2008 presidential election was a disaster for military voters. Thousands of them were disenfranchised when their absentee ballots were sent to wrong addresses, lost in the mail or mailed too close to the election for the ballot to be returned. To make matters worse, thousands of ballots were rejected by local election officials because the ballot – through no fault of the military voter – arrived after the election deadline.”

Don’t allow what happened in 2008 to happen again! Replace the partisan hacks on the GAB with people who will adhere to the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act and send out the absentee ballots to overseas and military voters on time.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see “Romney campaign sues over absentee ballots in Wisconsin,” “Military voters soon to be disenfranchised – again,” and “Elections board won’t seek deadline extension for military voters.”

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Debate moderator Candy Crowley’s performance last night was absolutely disgraceful. From the outset, Crowley’s choice of questions and her attempts at orchestrating who was allowed to speak and when indicated that she was totally in the tank for Obama and the debate was an attempt to resuscitate him.

Leading up to the debate, Crowley crowed that she would not just be a “fly on the wall,” and true to her word, the CNN blow fly buzzed ’round Mitt Romney’s head throughout the evening, cutting him off every time he tried to correct an Obama lie. But Crowley waited for the exchange on the Benghazi attack in Libya to bite him on the ass:

Mr. Romney:  You said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack, it was an act of terror? It was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you’re saying.

Mr. Obama:   Please proceed, governor.

Mr. Romney:  I want to make sure.

Mr. Obama:  Get the transcript.

Ms. Crowley:  It — it — it — he [Mr. Obama] did in fact, sir [Mr. Romney]. … He [Mr. Obama] did call it an act of terror.

The truth is, Obama didn’t call it an act of terror the day after the attack. What he said was “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.”

In other words, Obama was making a generic statement that he would later tie to mob protests over an anti-Islam YouTube video. Four days later United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice would appear on all five of the networks’ Sunday news shows claiming that the assault on the U.S. mission in Benghazi was not an act of terror. It took two weeks before the White House came out and labeled the Benghazi attack an act of terror.

During the Vice-Presidential debate, ABC’s Martha Raddatz, no slouch at shilling for the Democrat Party, interrupted Paul Ryan 15 times and Joe Biden five times.

In comparison, CNN’s Candy Crowley made Raddatz look like a rank amateur. She interrupted Mitt Romney 28 times and Obama nine times, and four of those were when Obama refused to respect the time limit when discussing assault weapons.

In her desperation to resuscitate Obama and keep Romney from scoring points, it came as no real surprise when she interrupted and falsely claimed that Romney was incorrect in saying that Obama refused to call the Benghazi attack an act of terror.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see “Crowley skews hard for Obama in disastrous debate,” “Crowley’s False Fact Check Saves President, Derails Debate – UPDATE: Crowley Backtracks,.” and “Crowley Interrupts Romney 28 Times, Obama Just 9.”

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