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Ratopolis is a 1973 sociology film that shows a controlled study of a small colony of brown rats. As space becomes more restricted and food becomes limited, the colony starts to display disturbing behavior.

Veteran House Democrats Brad Sherman and Howard Berman nearly came to blows during Thursday’s public debate at a local college. During the debate, 57-year-old Sherman grabbed the shoulder of 71-year-old Berman, yanked him toward his chest, and shouted, “You want to get into this?”

Berman, the older, shorter guy, looked bit flustered and somewhat shaken.

Both candidates are vying to win control of the same district due to California’s new primary system, which sends the top two finishers to the runoff regardless of party affiliation.

As if Joe Biden’s one-man clown show performance during Thursday’s Vice Presidential debate didn’t reveal enough about the people who make up today’s Democrat Party, the :22 youtube video of the two Democrats fighting for a position at the government trough leaves little room for doubt.

The only reason the Democrat Party remains viable is that there are 60 million voters who don’t know shit from Shinola and can’t find their asses with both hands.

They’re selling postcards of the hanging

They’re painting the passports brown

The beauty parlor is filled with sailors

The circus is in town

Here comes the blind commissioner

They’ve got him in a trance

One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker

The other is in his pants

And the riot squad they’re restless

They need somewhere to go

As Lady and I look out tonight

From Desolation Row.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see “California House race with veteran Democrats turns physical during debate.”


Brad Sherman Pierce College :22 Video

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