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Are Democrats Stealing Wisconsin Senate Seat?

By Jerry A. Kane

According to the unofficial tally by The Associated Press, Republican Sen. Van Wanggaard of Racine is down by 779 votes to Democrat challenger John Lehman. Although Democrats have declared victory, the race has not been called by The Associated Press and Wanggaard has not yet conceded.

Methinks something is rotten in Racine County. Governor Scott Walker won the county 53-47, yet Lehman leads in the same election by 51-49. Last night the vote tallies from the other counties came in quickly, but Racine County’s crawled in slowly. When 99 percent of the votes were in, Racine County was holding fast at 22 percent. After a few hours, the floodgates opened suddenly and everything poured in.

Withholding of ballot counts is a common method Democrats use to steal elections. In the past when Democrats have stolen elections, they have withheld the ballot counts in certain areas waiting for Republican areas to report so they would know how many votes were needed to win the election.

In 1960 Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley delivered Cook County, Illinois, to John F. Kennedy to defeat Richard Nixon in the presidential election. Kennedy won the county by 318,736 votes, which was more than double his national margin of 118,574.  

Also of note, in 2010 Nevada Democrats used a mysterious power outrage at the Clark County Poll Station in Las Vegas to provide Harry Reid with the necessary votes to beat Sharron Angle for the US Senate.

The Dems knew that one seat would change the majority in the Wisconsin State Senate, so their Plan B was to steal the seat by manufacturing votes in a district they knew would be close. If they couldn’t oust Walker in the recall, they could neutralize him for the next six months by taking control of the senate.  

Here are the 2010 and 2012 tallies from District 21 (Racine, County):

2010 – District 21 [State Sen. undervotes – 1,045]

Wanggaard (R) 32036

Lehman (D) 28930


Walker (R) 40813

Barrett (D) 31333

2012 – District 21 [State Sen. undervotes – 1,127]

Wanggaard (R) 35476

Lehman (D) 36255


Walker (R) 45480

Barrett (D) 40191

When I say Democrats are scum, I’m not using hyperbole; I’m stating a fact.

I.M. Kane

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