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If you care about personal freedom, individual liberties, and the Constitution of this Republic, help us to oust Barack Obama and the Democrat Party from power this November.

To stop Obama and the Democrats from finishing the transformation of this Republic, those who make up the factions in the Republican Party must put aside their differences and unite, or America will die.

I.M. Kane

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Unarmed, Mentally Disabled, “White” Hispanic Fatally Shot by Black Man

By Jerry A. Kane

A 22-year-old black man shot and killed Daniel Adkins, a 29-year-old, mentally disabled, unarmed “white” Hispanic man, following a heated argument in a Taco Bell parking lot near Phoenix, Arizona, April 3.

The unidentified black man and his girlfriend were leaving the drive-thru after placing an order when Adkins stepped out from around a corner in front of the vehicle. The driver and Adkins exchanged angry words, and the driver fired one shot into Adkins, who died at the scene.

The driver and the girl claimed that Adkins had swung a metal pipe at them, but the “pipe” turned out to be a leash to the yellow Labrador on the other end. An independent witness said Adkins did swing his fists in the driver’s direction, and the driver’s claiming self-defense.

“This person is still on the loose and I don’t agree with that. So he’s saying self defense, then where’s the weapon? Where’s the pipe? They didn’t find anything on my brother. He was just too aggressive, [sic] you don’t need to go that far.”—Marina Reyes, Adkins’ sister

Adkins’ family is calling for the shooter’s arrest.

“He needs to be behind bars. I’ll never see my brother again. If he felt that my brother was threatening him, he could have easily just rolled up the window and called the cops.”—Marina Reyes

Police have made no arrests, as the investigation into the shooting continues.

In a nutshell, the April 3 shooting fatality of a mentally disabled, unarmed Hispanic man with an “Anglo” name and light complexion by a 22-year-old black man is ignored by the national media and fails to raise the collective eyebrow of the “no justice, no peace” crowd, while the family awaits the nation’s Racist-in-Chief and its Injustice Department to raise people’s consciousness and politicize the case.

Obviously, the national media intend to keep the Adkins shooting quiet, so once again it’s left up to Internet bloggers and the alternative media to get the story out to the masses.

If Daniel Adkins’ life has as much value as Trayvon Martins’, e-mail the Attorney General in Phoenix, Arizona, at CivilRightsinfo@azag.gov.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see No charges over ‘reverse Trayvon Martin’ shooting in Phoenix area and Taco Bell Shooting Victim was Holding Leash, Not Weapon.

Shocking Media Denial of Unarmed Taco Bell Shooting Victim – Daniel Adkins Video 2:29

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The video below is my Spring 2005 commencement speech to the graduates of TESST College of Technology. The speech “To Thine Own Self Be True” was delivered at the Roosevelt High School Auditorium, Greenbelt, Maryland, April 20, 2005.

I.M. Kane

“To Thine Own Self Be True” commencement speech Graduation Highlights32.wmv 10:37 Video

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The Indiana-Armstrong Patriots recorded my speech “Will America Remain a Democratic Republic or become a Social Democracy” at the Tax Day Tea Party Rally, Saturday April 14, 2012, on the steps of the Indiana County Court House in Indiana, Pennsylvania.


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“I’ve had cases in Florida against prosecutors and this is not the first time they have willfully omitted exculpatory evidence. It’s a continuing problem. Here, it’s not only immoral, but stupid. The whole country is watching. What do they benefit from having half-truths in an affidavit? I’m not taking sides, but I’m insisting that both sides play by the rules, and so far the prosecution is not playing by the rules.”—Alan Dershowitz, professor of Harvard Law School

America’s judicial system is far different from the one portrayed in movies and on TV. Bottom line: Zimmerman is a scapegoat. He is being railroaded and will be sacrificed to keep America’s fifth column from rioting and torching Sanford.

Scapegoats have been around a long time:

“So the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered the council, and said, “What are we to do? For this man performs many signs. If we let him go on thus, every one will believe in him, and the Romans will come and destroy both our holy place and our nation.” But one of them, Ca’iaphas, who was high priest that year, said to them, “You know nothing at all; you do not understand that it is expedient for you that one man should die for the people, and that the whole nation should not perish.” (John 11: 47-50)

BTW, less than 40 years later, Rome destroyed Jerusalem, slaughtered millions of Jews, and drove the survivors into exile, then renamed the land Palestine after their mortal enemies, the Philistines.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see “Dershowitz Blasts Zimmerman Prosecution: ‘Not Only Immoral, But Stupid.'”

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In doing my bit to remember Earth Day, i.e., Vladimir Ilich Lenin’s birthday, I’m posting the following 4:30 video produced by http://www.freemarketamerica.org.

The environmentalists’ agenda is a death trap, an economic suicide pact.

“If I wanted America to fail, I suppose I wouldn’t change a thing.”–freemarketamerica

I.M. Kane


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Will America Remain a Democratic Republic or become a Social Democracy?

By Jerry A. Kane

The 2012 presidential election is not just the most important election in our lifetime; it is the most important election in this nation’s history because it will determine whether America remains a Democratic Republic or becomes a social democracy.

The focus of this election should not be on the economy, it should be on freedom. When there’s freedom, the economy will take care of itself. Unemployment is the result of a bad economy, and a bad economy is the result of a lack of freedom. If America’s experiment in representative democracy proves anything, it proves that economies thrive where freedom exists. The freer the people are, the more an economy grows; and the more an economy grows, the more jobs it produces; and the more jobs produced, the more prosperous the people.

What’s more, the American experiment proves that freedom transforms lives. When people control their own destinies, there’s no limit to what they can achieve. But when a powerful centralized government constrains creativity with unwise and unnecessary laws, shackles success with over-reaching regulations, and confiscates wealth through overburdening taxation, dreams die and the economy crumbles.

In The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich von Hayek warned Americans that some of the forces that destroyed freedom and gave rise to the totalitarian regimes in Russia and Germany were also at work in America. Although the National Socialist Workers Party (Nazis) of Germany and the Social Democratic Labor Party (Soviets) of Russia really hated freedom and democracy, they convinced the citizenry that government control of the economy would not jeopardize democracy and freedom.

At one time, the American people saw socialism as the gravest threat to freedom. The supreme tragedy today is that too many Americans have been duped into believing that government should guide and direct the nation’s economy, and that economic planning should replace the free market system.

Because democracy negates government planning, Hayek warned that democracy and freedom wither and die when they are mixed with a powerful, centralized government. That is to say, economic power in the hands of government bureaucrats controls people. Once bureaucrats obtain the legal power over people to plan and control an economy, democracy and freedom are lost forever.

A social democracy rests on the belief that democracy can be combined with a powerful, centralized government, but in the real world, democratic socialism is simply not achievable. A thriving economy is not produced by assigning planning tasks to a thousand bureaucrats. As William F. Buckley pointed out, “You cannot paint the ‘Mona Lisa’ by assigning one dab each to a thousand painters.” It was the hand of one artist (not a thousand) that painted the Mona Lisa, and it is the invisible hand of a free market (not a thousand bureaucrats) that produces a thriving economy.  

Nazism and Soviet communism were not reactions against the socialist trends of a preceding period; they were the logical outcome of those socialist trends. The supreme irony not seen by the German and Russian people was that their socialist policies actually paved the way for the totalitarian regimes that imposed everything they detested.

It’s tragic that so many Americans refuse to recognize that a social democracy will pave the way for a similar tyranny. The destruction of freedom and servitude are the consequences of a social democracy.

According to Hayek, a totalitarian government attracts a docile, gullible people who have been conditioned to accept a ready-made system of values and solutions. Totalitarian governments follow a pattern; they first destroy freedom in the name of some greater good or some government-promised right. They stoke the fires of jealousy and envy to create an “us verses them” mentality. They pit rich against poor and blame greed for the country’s stagnant economy. They require that rich people sacrifice their wealth for the common good to fix the problem their greed created.

There you have it, the modus operandi of the two most abhorrent totalitarian regimes of the twentieth century according to Hayek. Sound familiar?

Americans find themselves in economic freefall, headed for a fiscal apocalypse of exorbitant taxes, runaway inflation, and financial collapse. Obama and Senate Democrats refuse to pass a budget to stop the riotous spending and reduce the crushing federal debt; and what’s worse, the feckless Republican leadership and those elected in 2010 haven’t put up much of a fight.

America’s growing discontent over government corruption, increased bankruptcies and foreclosures, mounting unemployment, rising food prices, and higher fuel costs is understandable; however, America’s system of government does not need to be transformed to solve its problems. The problem is not that representative democracy has failed, or that the Constitution doesn’t work; the problem is that America’s leaders govern as rulers and don’t abide the rule of law.

Americans must face the truth, they elected the enemy of freedom in 2008, and now America’s sovereignty, security, and economy are being destroyed from within. Many Americans are unable to sustain their way of life, and their strength, resolve, and character are being tested. The question Americans will answer this November is whether or not they will abandon the founding principles of this Republic for the empty promises of a social democracy.

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, tells a story about a Jewish friend whose parents emigrated from Europe to America to escape tyranny. His parents lived and worked in New York and were not well to do. The father died when Blair’s friend was young; and the mother lived on. In time Blair’s friend became wealthy, and he repeatedly asked his mother if she would like to travel outside America; but she always refused.

Eventually his mother died, and he returned home to gather her belongings. While going through the safety deposit box where she kept her jewelry, he discovered another box inside. There was no key, so they used a drill to open it. He wondered what precious jewel his mother kept in it. When he lifted the lid there were wrappings and more wrappings and finally an envelope. He opened the envelope and inside were her U.S. citizenship papers. Nothing else. That was the jewel that was more precious to her than any other possession; that was what she treasured most.

The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance, yet we continue to take freedom for granted in this country; but freedom is not free. We inherited it from those who sacrificed everything. Every step we take in this country is on ground hallowed by those who died for freedom. We breathe the air of freedom because millions of patriots paid the ultimate price defending it.

Our Founders pledged their fortunes and their lives to rid this country of a tyrant king, so they could live as free men. Now posterity calls on us to rid America of another tyrant and a leftist administration this November, so that we can continue to live as free men.

In closing, I’d like to quote something P.J. O’Rourke said during a speech at the Cato Institute, “The Tenth Commandment sends a message to socialists, to collectivists, to people who believe that wealth is best obtained by redistribution, and that message is clear and concise: Go to hell!”

The following speech was delivered at the Indiana Armstrong Patriots Tax Day Tea Party rally Saturday April 14, 2012,  on the steps of the Indiana County Court House in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

NOTE I do not charge a fee for speaking at political rallies and tea party events. Interested groups may contact me by e-mail at misterjkane@gmail.com.

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I have been asked to speak at the Indiana Armstrong Patriots Tax Day Tea Party rally Saturday April 14, 2012, in Indiana, Pennsylvania.  The rally will take place at the Indiana County Courthouse 825 Philadelphia Street from 2-4 p.m.

Stop by and say hello. I hope to see you there.

I.M. Kane

NOTEI do not charge a fee for speaking at tea party events. Interested groups may contact me by e-mail at misterjkane@gmail.com.

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Obama is NOT Ignorant of the Constitution nor Is He “in Over His Head”

By Scott Ryan

Some are aware that Barack Obama seems to be working to set up what is now just a shadow organization that may be likened to The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs. 

That was the name of the public and secret police organization of the Soviet Union that directly executed the rule of power of the Soviets, including political repression, during the era of Joseph Stalin.  Perhaps he plans to save this database for some time after a planned coup d’état.

We have seen hints of this in his surreptitious call for good Marxist “Democrats” to actually –report- American citizens who criticize him at their website AttackWatch.com

I have to wonder if I have been “reported” as just a few weeks ago, I produced a video titled: President Trojan Horse’s Sleight of Hand Games.

Then, just a day ago news came out that Obama likened the House budget to a “Trojan horse” to “impose a radical vision on our country.”

His genius for evil is unparalleled. He can play a nation like Lucifer himself. He can accuse others of things of which he is guilty like calling Paul Ryan’s plan a “Trojan Horse”, while he himself is the genuine Trojan horse – and he gets away with it. There’s satisfaction in hurling invectives as we saw from the left when they would call Bush a “terrorist” and when they accused him of treason… That’s the evil genius of Satan. Those words lost their meaning BEFORE Obama took Office.

So NOW, when Obama TRULY Commits treasonous acts of terror and betrayal on a daily basis – he is inoculated because every time he commits those acts in front of the nation and God-fearing patriots aptly describe it as such, the talking heads in the national media say “oh, they’re just playing politics; there’s rancor on both sides.”  

We have come to the place where it is essentially useless to expose treachery for what it is because no matter how egregious the assault, when anyone attempts to accurately describe it, the result is as though one is crying wolf.  The amazing thing is that the Democrat Party were the people who did the repeated crying of wolf. 

I do not believe that is the least bit coincidental.  They got us to the place during the Bush administration where they caused people to tune out reality.  The end result may be that we are like the proverbial frog in a gradually heating pot of water that will boil to death.

Even now, 35% of the GOP apparently agrees with Mitt Romney’s repeated contention that Barack Obama is a “well meaning” American who is merely “in over his head” and that he “doesn’t UNDERSTAND the Constitution”.

Barack Obama isn’t ignorant of the Constitution; he understands it just as well as anyone.  He just despises it. Like all Marxists and like his pastors Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan, Obama despises the United States. He despises Jesus Christ, the bride of Christ (the church) which is the charter upon which this stands.

He can violate our constitution and take abuse of Americans to new depths – yet he will continue without any legal animadversion because this nation has been so desensitized toward evil. Evil is now celebrated as good while good is regarded as evil, and those who stand against evil are persecuted by the left.

To judge Obama as naive, inexperienced, or ignorant is to grossly underestimate him. He has mastered evil so adroitly it is seemingly supernatural – and it very well may be.

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Barack Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any president in the modern era. He is presiding over the weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression — not to mention the first credit rating downgrade in American history, the longest stretch of high unemployment since the Great Depression, chronic unemployment that is worse than the Great Depression, a housing crisis that is worse than the Great Depression, a standard of living for Americans that has fallen further and more steeply than at any time since the government began recording it five decades ago, and a record increase in the number of people who are in poverty.

Yet Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll reports that 47% of voters say they somewhat approve of the president’s job performance. So how many of the 47 percent are still not paying attention, and how many are just plain stupid? Obviously, if they are not paying attention by now, they are stupid.

I.M. Kane

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