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In the 27:27 video below, British Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Daniel Hannan urged CPAC members to “cleave to the most sublime constitution devised by human intelligence” and turn away from the disastrous path of the European Union.

“From a British Conservative who loves his country, to American Conservatives who still believe in theirs, honor the vision of your founders. Cleave to the most sublime constitution devised by human intelligence. Don’t be the generation that cuts itself off from the wisdom of your fathers and disinherits your children.” 

Hannan warned the CPAC audience not to make the same mistake the United Kingdom made in ceding its sovereignty to the EU.   

“If you repeat our [UK] mistakes, if you shift power from the 50 states to Washington, from the elected representatives to the federal czar, from the citizen to the state, we know exactly what lies in store for you. I’ve been a member of the European Parliament for 12 years. I am living in your future, or at least the future towards which your present leaders seem intent on taking you. Believe me my friends, you are not going to enjoy it.”  

Hannan said that there’s still time for the United States to turn aside from the disastrous path of the EU, but he urged members to have the courage to defend the constitutional principles and the wisdom of the Founders that have made America exceptional. 

“Never be afraid to speak to and for the soul of this nation, of which, by good fortune and God’s grace, you are privileged to be part.”

I.M. Kane

Full Speech: Daniel Hannan at CPAC 2012 27:27 Video

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Obama’s edict that insurance companies must provide free sterilizations, contraceptives, and abortifacients to employees of religious organizations violates the First Amendment right to freedom of conscience and the property rights of insurance companies.

“To individual American Catholics, and those who share the Catholic religious and moral conviction that sterilization, artificial contraception and abortion are wrong, Obama said: I am ordering you to buy a health insurance plan that violates the teachings of your faith and your conscience. … This is exactly as if Obama were to say to grocery stores: You must provide milk, meat, and bread to your customers free of charge.”—Terence P. Jeffreys

Jeffreys is right; Obama’s edict is an act of tyranny. It is not about birth control; it’s about usurping the Constitution and violating Americans rights of conscience. Obama does not have the Constitutional authority to make and enforce such edicts. He is tearing the Constitution to shreds and assuming the powers of a dictator.

Voters have the power to stop his fanaticism and tyranny this November; and if they don’t, they will be held responsible as were the German people for Hitler. Through propaganda, Hitler won over their hearts and minds, and they looked to him as their messiah.

“Hitler was an opportunist—he was a man possessed and driven by a fanaticism that saw his destiny as identical to Germany’s. The propaganda machine that Hitler adopted, however, was perhaps the most important device at his disposal. With it he was able to successfully undermine his opponent’s will to resist.”

I.M. Kane

For more of Jeffreys’ commentary, see Obama’s Act of Tyranny.

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