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Can Primary Voters Trust Mitt Romney?

By Jerry A. Kane

To gain the support of NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) and other abortion rights advocates in his bid for governor of Massachusetts in 2002, Mitt Romney promised to uphold the state’s abortion laws and to act as a change agent to soften the Republican Party’s hard-line position on abortion.

“We felt good about the interview. He seemed genuine.”—Nicole Roos, NARAL official

Romney predicted that if he became governor of a blue state that he would rise to national prominence in the Republican Party and would be a “good voice” in the party for abortion advocacy because his moderate views would be “widely written about.”

[Abortion advocates] need someone like me in Washington.”—Mitt Romney

Both as a candidate and as governor, Romney made similar promises to homosexual activists. Romney told Log Cabin Republicans that he was really just a “token Republican,” and that he would use the power of his office to push lawmakers to support certain benefits for same-sex couples.

[He] left the impression of being friendly to the concept of some sort of same-sex union and not being vehemently opposed to gay marriage.”

When Romney took office in 2003, environmental activists weren’t sure how he would handle the climate-change issue, but he surprised them by helping craft the “Massachusetts Climate Protection Plan.” As governor, he “backed incentives for buying efficient vehicles, tougher vehicle emissions rules and mandatory cuts in emissions linked to global warming.”

Now that he’s running for president, Romney holds more hard-line conservative positions regarding abortion rights, same-sex partnerships, and climate change. So how can voters know what this man actually believes or trust anything that he says about his beliefs?

The short answer is that they can’t.

I.M. Kane

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