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Drudge Not, Lest Ye Be Drudged

By Jerry A. Kane

Since the South Carolina primary, the Drudge Report has become a campaign surrogate for Mitt Romney, carpet bombing Newt Gingrich with negative banners, stories, and commentaries, while downplaying or omitting news and opinions that would put Romney in a bad light.

“Cherry-picked quotes, biased headlines and hyperlinks to Newt-hating op-eds in order to patch together an ugly and distorted mosaic of the former House speaker is … mercenary-style political prostitution.”—Matt Barber, blogger

Barber further contends that the “respected, highly influential news source has cast aside all journalistic integrity to shill for the liberal, GOP establishment candidate in this presidential race.”

The Drudge Report has officially jumped the shark; it’s an anti-Gingrich scandal sheet run by former Washington Times neoconservative warriors, Joe Curl and Charles Hurt.

For days Drudge trumpeted Romney’s “Gingrich was anti-Reagan” narrative while ignoring accounts of those with different recollections:

Bently Elliott, Reagan Speechwriting Director,

Peter Ferrara, Reagan Policy Analyst

Art Laffer, Reagan Economist,

Jeffrey Lord, Reagan WH political director,

Bud McFarlane, Reagan National Security Advisor,

Richard Quinn, Reagan media consultant,

Michael Reagan, Reagan’s son, and

Nancy Reagan, Reagan’s wife.

Peter Robinson, Reagan speechwriter,

When Gingrich rose from the ashes in December, it was the National Review that quelled the pain for establishment Republicans. And with his rebirth in South Carolina, the Republican establishment summoned the Drudge Report to prove its bona fides as a reliable party organ.

It’s hard to say how many venerable personalities and news sources will be forced to drop their conservative masks before the primary process ends, and Romney is declared the party nominee. But what can be said is that magnitude of the crisis will continue to increase for establishment Republicans as long as Gingrich remains a viable threat to the Romney candidacy.

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