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After filing for bankruptcy last year, workers for the Fremont solar company Solyndra have been caught throwing millions of dollars of brand new glass tubes used in solar panels into dumpsters. Solyndra paid at least $2 million for the specialized glass, and the company still owes taxpayers half a billion dollars.

So why is a bankrupt company that owes a fortune to creditors, including American taxpayers, throwing away millions of dollars worth of assets?

Solyndra is not commenting.

While the press focuses on the tale of a disgruntled, vindictive ex-wife, the ongoing exploits of crony capitalism and the Obama administration continue.

For more on the story, see Bankrupt Solyndra Caught Destroying Brand New Parts and Solyndra Destroying Millions of Dollars in Parts, TV Station Reports.

The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) is trying to force a 32-year-old woman who suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to have an abortion.

Court records show that the woman had a psychotic breakdown after a previous abortion. She believed that people were staring at her and were saying that she had killed her baby. The woman also gave birth to a son after the abortion. The boy is in the custody of her parents.

Despite the apparent link between the previous abortion and the woman’s mental illness, Norfolk Probate and Family Court Judge Christina L. Harms agreed with DMH and ordered the woman undergo both an abortion and forced sterilization.

However, an appellate court overruled the forced sterilization and set aside Harm’s ruling on the abortion for an evidentiary inquiry by another court to determine whether or not the woman would have wanted an abortion if she were mentally competent.

For more on the story, see State Department of Health defends seeking forced abortion for mentally ill woman.

Led by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), House Democrats John Conyers Jr. (Mich.), Bob Filner (Calif.), Marcia Fudge (Ohio), Jim Langevin (R.I.), and Lynn Woolsey (Calif.) want to set up a “Reasonable Profits Board” to impose a “windfall profit tax” from 50 percent to 100 percent on all surplus earnings of oil and gas exceeding “a reasonable profit.”

The proposed Gas Price Spike Act, H.R. 3784, provides no specific guidance for how the board would determine what constitutes a reasonable profit and would exclude industry representatives from serving on the board.

[P]eople helped Wesley Mouch to advance, for the same reason as that which had prompted Uncle Julius: they were people who believed that mediocrity was safe. The men who now sat in front of his desk had been taught that the law of causality was a superstition and that one had to deal with the situation of the moment without considering its cause. By the situation of the moment, they had concluded that Wesley Mouch was a man of superlative skill and cunning, since millions aspired to power, but he was the one who had achieved it.

For more on the story, see Dems propose ‘Reasonable Profits Board’ to regulate oil company profits.

The Obama administration has ordered health plans to provide birth control without charging co-pays or deductibles. Religious-affiliated hospitals and universities must comply with the mandate by August 1, 2013.

“This ruling forces religious organizations to violate the fundamental tenets of their faith, or stop offering health insurance coverage to their employees.”

God might not be a Republican, but Satan is definitely a Democrat.

For more on the story, see Health plans ordered to cover birth control without co-pays.

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