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The WSJ snippet below provides some insight on why Tim Tebow is so outstanding.

“According to the former Florida coach Urban Meyer, Mr. Tebow’s philanthropic efforts reshaped campus culture … In December 2009 … at Walt Disney World Resort, he met a 20-year-old college-football fan named Kelly Faughnan, a brain-tumor victim who suffers from hearing loss and visible, continual tremors. She was wearing a button that said “I love Timmy.” Someone noticed and made sure that the young woman had a chance to meet the player.

Mr. Tebow spent a long while with Ms. Faughnan and her family, and asked her if she’d like to be his date for [a college-football awards ceremony] the following night. She agreed, and the scene of Mr. Tebow escorting the trembling young woman down the red carpet led much of the reporting about the event.”

 I.M. Kane

For the full article on Tebow, see Tim Tebow: God’s Quarterback.

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Tebow vs Cam Newton

From elvisnixon.com

Tim Tebow and his Denver Bronco’s pulled off what is being described as a “miracle” upset against the Chicago Bears.

ESPN and others let out a collective groan almost as loud as they did after the tidal wave victory of Proposition 8 keeping marriage between one man and one woman (no bestiality, pedophiles or homosexual “marriage” would be endorsed by the state ofCalifornia).

If you listen to some of the sports commentators on the major sports TV and radio stations, Tebow (7-1 as a starter) is a “bum” and a “clown.”

Jim Rome claimed Tebow shouldn’t even be in the NFL, even as a back-up.

Interesting, “unbiased” analysis when one considers the other Heisman Trophy winning quarterback- Cameron Newton.

Cam Newton, 4-9 leading the Carolina Panthers, is talked about as the greatest thing since the forward pass.

Could it be anti-Christian politics and group-think biases influence the press, even in sports?

If you listen to Tebow himself, he is giving credit to everyone but himself and yes, this includes GOD. This is not complicated. Denver was 1 -4 before Tebow and 7 – 1 with him.

He is not winning all of these games for Denver himself. He is bringing an atmosphere of selflessness, team spirit and hope to Denver. Why does this make so many people so mad? God forbid we have a good role model.

If he were a homosexual, all of those words against him would be called “homophobia” and the politics of “hate and fear.”

Why all the hate and fear against this young man? The answer is simple.  He is a Christian.

Liberals hate him, which is why he is now my favorite player.

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