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Margaret Ann Haring, principle of Orange River Elementary School in Fort Myers, Florida, phoned the Lee County Sheriff’s Office November 16 to report a possible sex crime.

According to a redacted sheriff’s report, Haring contacted the cops after a teacher reported seeing a young girl walk over and kiss a young boy during gym class. Haring told the investigating officer that “there were no new allegations of sexual abuse as far as she knew.”

At this point, the police do not appear to be investigating the matter any further.

(H-T Drudge Report)

You must remember this

A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.

The fundamental things apply

As time goes by.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Cops Summoned To Florida Elementary School After Girl Kisses Boy In Phys Ed Class.

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In the 5:52 Video, The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee reports from Zuccotti Park on the class division within the Occupy Wall Street movement. The elite OWS protesters live in Uptown Zuccotti Park, and the Ghetto protesters live in Downtown Zuccotti Park.

“Is there a course in condescension that everyone [in Uptown Zuccotti Park] is taking here?”—Samantha Bee

When Bee asks an OWS Uptown protester if he would share his iPad with an OWS Downtown protestor, the Uptowner refuses to share what he labels his “personal property.”

“This [iPad] is a personal possession; I’m talk .. I’m more against private property, not personal property.”—OWS Uptown elitist

In just eight short weeks, the OWS protesters have captured the failures of socialism. Simply amazing!

Occupy Wall Street Divided 5:52 Video

Generally, the elite-minded advocates of socialism come from pampered upper middle class and upper class environments. They have never known life under a socialist dictatorship, yet they promote a socialist agenda believing they will become part of the ruling elite.

I.M. Kane

Milton Friedman Tells Phil Donahue Why Socialism Fails 2:24 Video

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