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Bradlee Interview Exposes Left’s Underbelly of Bigotry and Racism

By Jerry A. Kane

While attending a cocktail party launching Chris “Tingle” Matthews’ new book Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero, former investigative reporter at the Washington Post Bob Woodward and his boss during the Watergate investigation Ben Bradlee were asked about the sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. 

With a straight face and slurred speech, the famed “journalists” told the Daily Caller reporter that the unsubstantiated accusations lodged against Cain for allegedly offending the sensibilities of three unnamed women are “serious.”

What delicious irony. Woodward and Bradlee are attending a party promoting Matthews’ book honoring one of the nation’s most notorious womanizing presidents, John F. Kennedy. And throughout his presidency, the “journalists” at the Washington Post kept Kennedy’s indiscretions and peccadilloes secret.

The only other president to rival Kennedy’s horndog indiscretions and peccadilloes was the sexual-harasser-in-chief himself, William Jefferson Clinton. And the Post spiked the Paula Jones story of Clinton’s sexual harassment to keep it from getting out, but Matt Drudge broke it anyway. 

When the Daily Caller reporter asked Bradlee what he thought of the accusations against Cain, he said “I think he’s got it coming to him.” Although there hasn’t been any proof, facts, or even names of alleged victims to substantiate the allegations, an indignant Bradlee already judges Cain guilty.

When asked if he had any advice for Cain, Bradlee said, “Run for the roundhouse,” which is an obvious allusion to the John Brown plot to free the slaves at Harpers’ Ferry. Slaves were told to go to the round house for protection and refuge.

The Washington Post continues to publish stories involving the murky sexual-harassment accusations surrounding Cain, but when John Edwards ran for president in 2008, the Post did not investigate the allegations of infidelity involving campaign videographer Rielle Hunter or those surrounding the subsequent love child. The National Enquirer did all the leg work on that one.

And the Post continues to ignore the Fast and Furious scandal—a story of cover up and murder so big that it could topple the presidency—to report on unspecified sexual-harassment charges made by unnamed women against a long-shot GOP presidential candidate.

Woodward and Bradlee said they were appalled by the accusations against Cain, yet their disgust remains quite subdued when directed toward the lecherous womanizing of Kennedy, the predatory practices of Clinton, or the crass infidelity of Edwards. 

They use the specious allegations of womanizing, sexual harassment, and infidelity to mask their actual hatred for Cain. And they hate Cain because he’s an uppity black who doesn’t support the leftist cause of the Democrat Party. Like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, he is another ungrateful black who dares think for himself and refuses to acknowledge the beneficence of socialism.

The Bradlee interview exposes the left’s underbelly of bigotry and racism, but unfortunately too many American blacks can’t see it because their conditioning allows them to see only with eyes wide shut.  

I.M. Kane

See the 3:07 interview with Washington Post Executive Editor Bob Woodward, and Washington Post vice president and former executive editor Ben Bradlee at Former Washington Post editor discusses Cain sexual harassment story while pawing Daily Caller reporter.

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