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Home Depot Publicly Supports Homosexual Agenda

By Jerry A. Kane

Instead of staying out of the culture war, The Home Depot has donated money to support and promote the homosexual agenda. For years now, the corporation has sponsored and participated in homosexual events, festivals, and parades nationwide.

According to the American Family Association (AFA), Home Depot is advancing same-sex marriage by paying the printing costs for thousands of brochures promoting the Gay Pride Festival in Atlanta where two homosexuals got “married” in a “Commitment Ceremony.”

“We’re disappointed that The Home Depot continues to close the door and not listen to the millions of customers who are offended that they are engaging in the culture war and taking a position in favor of gay marriage.”—Randy Sharp, AFA director of special projects

Home Depot has openly courted the homosexual community. In a recent parade, the corporation built a homosexual-pride float on the back of one of its pickup trucks, filled it with employees wearing Home Depot aprons sporting homosexual advocacy buttons, and sent along the company’s official mascot to promote the homosexual agenda.

For over a year, AFA has been boycotting Home Depot to no avail. The boycott doesn’t seem to be working very well because the home improvement giant continues to ignore the outcry of the opposition and endorse the homosexual agenda as it has been doing for years. Sharp thinks the boycott isn’t gaining traction because the media have ignored Home Depot’s role in promoting same-sex “marriage.”

To be fair, most major Fortune 500 retailers are afraid to openly oppose same-sex “marriage” fearing reprisals from the homosexual community. Last year Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel offered a mea culpa for donating $150,000 to a political group that opposes same-sex “marriage.” When pop-singer and homosexual activist Lady Gaga threatened to pull out of a deal to sell her special-edition album in Target stores, the retailer agreed to stop donating to groups that oppose same-sex “marriage.”

Besides Home Deport, other major companies that openly cater to the homosexual agenda include: Macys, American Airlines, Absolut Vodka, and Subaru.

People who believe in traditional marriage should join the AFA boycott and send a message to Home Depot and the other major retailers that there’s a price to be paid for siding with the enemy in the culture war.

I.M. Kane

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Home Depot’s Involvement in the Culture War 4:14 Video

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