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Lesbian Parents Use Hormones to Keep 11-Year-Old Son from Entering Puberty

By Jerry A. Kane

Tommy/Tammy and his lesbian mothers, Debra Lobel, left, and Pauline Moreno, right (Photo Daily Mail)

A Berkeley, California, lesbian couple started giving their adopted 11-year-old son Tommy GnRH hormone inhibitors this summer, claiming that over 50 per cent of transgender youth will attempt suicide at least once by the time they are 20 years old.

Lesbians Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel say their son Thomas, who now dresses as a girl and goes by the name Tammy, had wanted to be a girl ever since he was 3 years old. At seven years old the boy was diagnosed with gender identity disorder (GID) after he threatened to mutilate his genitals, and at 8 he began transitioning to become Tammy.

Tommy Before (Photo Daily Mail)

Tammy After (Photo by Daily Mail)

“The whole idea now is let’s stop creating a third (gender) that is neither one thing or the other, so we transitioned her.”—Pauline Moreno, one of Thomas’ two mommies

So Moreno and Lobel decided to have a hormone-suppressant implanted in the boy’s upper left arm to postpone the onset of puberty until he is 14 or 15 and can decide whether or not he wants to go on being a girl or go back to being a boy.

“In other words, she will stay as a pre-pubescent boy until she decides and we feel that she can make this decision about surgery.”—Pauline Moreno

Critics say the parents are acting irresponsibly for administering hormone treatments that pose a medical risk and could endanger the child’s health.  

“It’s not healthy for a little boy to hate his body and disconnect from his masculinity. It’s not good for a little boy to live in the fantasy that he’s a girl. This is a situation that calls for helping such a boy – not dresses, hormones and surgery.”—Jeff Johnston, CitizenLink social policy analyst

Critics claim that hormone blockers should not be used before 13 years of age because nearly 90 percent of GID-diagnosed children outgrow their desire to be of the other gender. They also point out that the long-term effects of using hormone blockers can affect brain growth and cause infertility, vascular complications, and cancer.

“[GID] is a disorder of the mind. Not a disorder of the body. Dealing with it in this way is not dealing with the problem that truly exists. We shouldn’t be mucking around with nature. We can’t assume what the outcome will be.”—Dr. Paul McHugh, professor of psychiatry Johns Hopkins University

Transgender activists claim that gender is a social construct and not biological; therefore, people can transition from being male to being female.

Men and women are different – they’re not interchangeable, and you can’t change from one into the other.”—Jeff Johnston

Moreno says she hopes the boy’s adolescent transition will help him have a less conflicted adulthood.

“[W]e belong to a religious community that was incredibly supportive. They make it a point when we’re in synagogue to come over and tell Tammy, ‘Oh, you look so pretty today.'”—Pauline Moreno

The parents seem to have adopted the activists’ notion that the child’s only two options are to live in misery or undergo sexual reassignment surgery. They have ruled out the possibility of the boy ever resolving the psychological conflicts between his assigned and perceived gender.

“This is child abuse. It’s like performing liposuction on an anorexic child.”—Dr. Paul McHugh

Physically altering the boy through drugs to keep him from entering puberty is a form of human experimentation that breaches medical ethics and human rights. Only a permissive, morally debased people would endorse a chemically and surgically altered gender as a triumph of autonomy and self-possession.

I.M. Kane

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