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Marine Corps Times Celebrates DADT Repeal

By Jerry A. Kane

Judging from the in-your-face cover for next week’s Marine Corps Times, it looks like the editors of the military rag are telling Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (USMC) “We’re Here. We’re Queer. Get Used to It.”

The mini-billboard cover featuring a story celebrating the repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy and the views of homosexual Marines will be displayed worldwide on Marine Corps bases in heavily-trafficked areas including commissaries, offices, and work spaces.

In less than a week, the Marine Corps will be forced to abandon its DADT policy and start enforcing policies that embrace and protect open homosexuality. As they did on college and university campuses, politically-correct policies will distinguish between homosexuals and heterosexuals, thereby creating a protected class empowered with special privileges and treated more equally than others in the non-protected classes.

Now that the editors of the Marine Corps Times have boldly embraced open homosexuality in the Corps, shouldn’t they also pressure the Corps to change its unwritten promise from “leave no man behind” to “leave no man’s behind?”

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Marines’ DADT Countdown: “We’re Gay. Get Over It” and SU Members in MARINE CORPS TIMES Cover Story.

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Our friend Quin Hillyer now hosts a weekly radio show on FM Talk 106.5 in Mobile, Alabama.

To date, John Fund, Stephen Moore, Fred Barnes, Jeff Sessions, former FEC chair Hans von Spakovsky, and Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum have been guests on “Hillyer Time.”

Quin’s a “righteous dude,” and I encourage readers of The Millstone Diaries to bend an ear and give him a listen via the Web at http://fmtalk1065.com/.

“Hillyer Time” airs Thursdays from 9-10 EST.

I.M. Kane

Quin Hillyer is a senior fellow for the Center for Individual Freedom and a senior editor of The American Spectator, and a former editorial writer and columnist for the Washington Times and the Washington Examiner.

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