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America’s educators have conditioned the young skulls-full-of-mush attending college to believe that it’s moral to take money from high-income earners and give it to those who are poor and less fortunate, i.e., “from each according to his ability to each according to his needs.”

In the 4:54 video below, Oliver Darcy, a recent college graduate, helps credulous college students better understand what it means to take from the haves and redistribute it to the have-nots.  He challenges students with good grades to contribute a percentage of their GPA to students with lower GPAs.

“They all earn their GPA. So we asked them if they’d be interested in redistributing the GPA points that they earned to students who may be having trouble getting a high GPA.”

In the 6:23 video below, Darcy asks students to sign a petition to pay their share of the national debt, currently each person owes about $47,000.

If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of altruism that men have to reject.”—Ayn Rand

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see College Students in Favor of Wealth Distribution Are Asked to Pass Their Grade Points to Other Students.

Petition to Redistribute GPA Scores 4:54 Video

Students Refuse to Sign Pledge to Pay Individual Share of the National Debt 6:23 Video


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On a flight to a climate change awareness rally in Chicago, an environmentalist plopped down next to a young girl reading Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed. Upon noticing the title, the environmentalist decided to engage the girl in conversation.

“Do you know that flights go quicker if you engage in a conversation with your fellow passenger?” asked the activist.

“So, what would you like to talk about?” inquired the girl looking up from her book.

“Oh, I don’t know. … How about anthropogenic global warming?” replied the activist.

“Okay, but I’d like to ask you a question first,” responded the girl.

“Sure, go right ahead,” said the activist.

“Horses, cows, and deer all eat grass. Yet once digested, the deer excretes little pellets, the horse large clumps, and the cow a flat patty. Now, why do you suppose that is?” inquired the young girl.

“Hmmm. … I really don’t know,” replied the activist after a few moments.

“Why then do you think you’re qualified to discuss anthropogenic global warming when you really don’t know shit?” retorted the young girl.

The activist turned away fumbling for the recline button on the armrest, and the young girl returned to reading her book.

I.M. Kane

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This astonishing 7:03 3-D video is a must-see for those of us who have always wanted to visit Jerusalem but have never had the opportunity to go there. Viewers don’t need 3-D glasses to appreciate the amazing footage in this stunning IMAX flyover of Israel. To experience the fantastic cinematography, click HD as well as the button with four arrows at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen for full screen mode.

Click here, or use the following link http://vimeo.com/15034110 for a spectacular tour of the Holy city once believed to lie at the centre of the world.

(H-T Chuck on the Right Side)

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Looter politicians from the People’s Republic of Oregon as well as those in several other states are seriously considering charging drivers by the mile now that the GPS navigation system can electronically track how far people drive their vehicles.

Mileage fees would take the place of gasoline taxes, which will decrease as more fuel-efficient and electric cars are introduced.”

Looters in the Oregon legislature have proposed to tax motorists 85 cents per mile through 2015, and increasing it to $1.85 per mile by 2018.

Only through a re-integration of humanity into the whole of nature can our people be made stronger . . . Humankind alone is no longer the focus of thought, but rather life as a whole . . . This striving toward connectedness with the totality of life, with nature itself, a nature into which we are born, this is the deepest meaning and the true essence of National Socialist thought.”—Ernst Lehmann, botany professor and leading biologist in the Nazi regime

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see More states considering pay-by-the-mile car taxes.

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US Taxpayers Pay Monthly Salaries to PA Terrorists Who Murdered Americans

By Jerry A. Kane 

Palestinian Authority (PA) terrorists held in Israeli jails receive monthly salaries from the self-governing body. The PA pays the terrorists from a “public budget” or treasury in which half of its funding comes from the United States and the other half from nations in the European Union.

Terrorists guilty of committing the most horrendous crimes get the stiffest sentences and consequently draw the largest salaries from the treasury:

“Prisoners … jailed for … up to five years receive 1,400 to 2,000 NIS [New Israeli Shekel]. [T]errorists serving 10 to 15 years receive 6,000 shekels, the ones serving 15 to 20 years receive 10,000 shekels, and those serving 20 to 30 years get 12,000 shekels. These are people who planned, directed and took part in the intentional sadistic slaughter of civilian men, women and children, at point blank range.”

Some PA terrorists are in Israeli jails for murdering Americans, which means U.S. taxpayers are paying the monthly salaries of the people who murdered American citizens.

The wives and children of PA terrorists also receive money, and the terrorists who are Israeli citizens get bonuses.

“I took Gotham’s white knight and I brought him down to our level. It wasn’t hard. You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!”

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see US Helps Pay PA Terrorists Who Murdered Americans.

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MichNews.com will up and running again beginning Monday, August 15. Some of the columnists featured at the Web site include: Chris G. Adamo, Alan Caruba, Tom DeWeese, A.J. DiCintio, JB Williams, Sher Zieve, and yours truly.   

I urge readers of The Millstone Diaries to frequent this excellent resource for conservative commentary, cartoons, and national and international news.

Welcome back to the trenches my friend.

I.M. Kane

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Journalists Won’t Mention Most UK Rioters Are Black

By Jerry A. Kane

Mark Duggan, the man whose shooting death by police is said to have triggered the current rioting in the United Kingdom, was black, as have been most of the rioters. The Tottenham riots stemmed from community leaders protesting his death.

“What’s so depressing about tonight’s outbreak of public disorder is that it indicates that little or no progress has been made when it comes to relations between the police and the local African-Caribbean population, particularly the local youths.

Tonight’s disturbances … were triggered by the death of a 29-year-old black man who was shot and killed by Operation Trident officers on Thursday night. Protests by community leaders were followed by outbreaks of disorder …”

Duggan was shot by police in a shootout. He was a passenger in minicab from which shots were fired. Evidence shows that somebody in the minicab shot at police, and police returned fire killing Duggan. Either he was a tragic victim of circumstance caught up in a crossfire, or he shot at the police and received his just deserts.

But either way, the police did not shoot him down in cold blood. So why then did community leaders stage the angry protest that subsequently led to the Tottenham riots?

Problems cannot be addressed unless people are willing to tell the truth. As with so many other things in this country, we stick our heads in the sand and refuse to speak out about it.”—Katharine Birbalsingh

A lawless people will always use righteous indignation as an excuse for committing criminal acts and horrible atrocities.

“And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray. And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” Matthew 24:11,12

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see These riots were about race. Why ignore the fact? and The disturbances in Tottenham tonight are profoundly depressing.

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