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Advancing the New Sexual Order

By Jerry A. Kane

In 1973 homosexual activists, mental health professionals, and sympathetic academics successfully lobbied the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Nearly forty years later, a small group of mental health professionals, academics, and researchers have gathered in Baltimore, Maryland, to discuss how to normalize pedophilia and remove it from APA’s manual of mental disorders. According to Dr. Judith Reisman, whose book Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences exposed Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey’s fraudulent sex science research, the Baltimore conference is part of the strategy used by mental health professionals to condition the public to accept pedophilia as normal.

The first thing they do is to get the public to divest from thinking of what the offender does criminally, to thinking of the offender’s emotional state … [and] to empathize and sympathize. You don’t change the nation in one fell swoop; you have to change it by conditioning.”—Dr. Judith Reisman

B4U-ACT, a political activist group made up of pedophiles and pro-pedophile mental health professionals, is proposing that pedophiles be involved in rewriting the APA’s classification of pedophilia in the current draft of its DSM, which is scheduled for major revisions by 2013.

“The current revision of the DSM is full of inaccurate and misleading information on people who are attracted to children or adolescents. It is based on data from prison studies, which completely ignore the existence of those who are law-abiding. …We can help them, because we are the people they are writing about.”—Howard Kline, B4U-ACT science director

B4U-ACT wants the current DSM classification rewritten because it ties pedophilia to criminal behavior. The group is lobbying to put pedophilia on the same plane with neuroses or clinical depression so that pedophiles will be counseled instead of imprisoned.

“The aim is to get them [pedophiles] out of prison.”—Dr. Judith Reisman

B4U-ACT classifies pedophilia as a sexual orientation and opposes treatment for pedophiles or pederasts who are sexually attracted to children or adolescents.

No one chooses to be emotionally and sexually attracted to children or adolescents. The cause is unknown; in fact, the development of attraction to adults is not understood. … Studies of the effectiveness of reconditioning methods to change feelings of attraction … have found that they are no more effective with pedophilia or hebephilia [pederasty] than with homosexuality.”—B4U-ACT Fact Sheet

Since the early 1970s, homosexual activist groups have been working aggressively behind the scenes to lower the age of sexual consent for adolescents and children and to destigmatize pederasty and pedophilia in society. The National Coalition of Gay Organizations called for a “repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent” in its 1972 “Gay Rights Platform.”

When U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg worked as an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1977, she co-authored a report with a feminist Brenda Feigen-Fasteau recommending that the age of consent for sexual acts be lowered to 12 years old.

The Supreme Court’s 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision decriminalizing sodomy provided the groundwork for a leftist Court to eventually legalize pedophilia. If Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy keeps his word and retires in 2012 and the Ruler appoints his replacement, leftist judges will be in the majority on the Court.

In spite of public denials, homosexual rights activists have pushed the idea of sexual freedom in legislation and in the courts to gain access to adolescents and children.

“[O]ne of children’s essential rights is to express themselves sexually, probably primarily with each other but with adults as well. So the sexual freedom of children is an important part of a sexual revolution. … We have to have an emancipation proclamation for children.”—Kate Millett, feminist writer and activist

Homosexuals are inexorably linked to pederasts and pedophiles, which is why they have been lobbying for so long behind the scenes to normalize pedophilia in society.  

“The love between men and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality”—San Francisco Sentinel, 27 March 1992.

To impose a new sexual order, homosexual activists, mental health professionals, and academic sympathizers are feverishly working to declassify pedophilia as a mental disorder and add it to the growing list of acceptable sexual orientations. To normalize sex with children, they intend to abolish all consent laws.

The ultimate goal of the gay liberation movement is the achievement of sexual freedom for all – not just equal rights for ‘lesbians and gay men,’ but also freedom of sexual expression for young people and children.”—David Thorstad, founding member of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and former president of New York’s Gay Activists Alliance

Once pedophilia is declassified in the DSM as a mental disorder and the behavior is no longer considered immoral or criminal, homosexual lobbyists will pressure society’s cultural institutions to destigmatize “consensual” sex between adults and children.

What purpose does calling someone a ‘pervert’ or ‘predator’ serve anyway, other than to express contempt and hatred? … It certainly doesn’t protect children. I would urge all SO [sex offender] activists to listen to their own message: Stop buying into and promoting false stereotypes. Stop demonizing a whole class of people, and start learning the facts.Dr. Fred S. Berlin, founder of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic

A civilized society needs a moral code to survive, and when it loses moral clarity, human predators will fill the void and impose amoral laws to ensure their survival.

“All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. … [W]e shall make films about the love between heroic men. … The family unit … will be abolished. The family unit … must be eliminated. … All churches who [sic] condemn us will be closed. … We shall sodomize your sons … We shall seduce them in your schools … wherever men are with men together. Your sons will become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us.”—Michael Swift, pseudonym used by the author of The Gay Manifesto

I.M. Kane

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