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There are ten times as many federal employees who make over $150,000 annually as there were in 2005, and twenty times as many who make above $180,000. Obviously government work is a good gig, especially for White House staffers.

Although the Ruler froze salaries for staffers making over $100,000 a year, last year he raised them an average of 9 percent for 75 percent of White House employees. And this year, he increased salaries an average of 8 percent for 54 percent of White House employees.

Last year’s staffer raises doubled that of most executives and salaried workers, and this year they are almost three times better than the average white-collar worker.

According to the Ruler, the salary freeze was to ensure that those leading the nation out of its economic malaise share a sense of what American workers are experiencing. However, over the past two years the gap in the misery index has widened, which makes it even more difficult for those who work in government to understand just how devastating the economic crisis has been on private sector workers.

I.M. Kane

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