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What Steve Wynn and Arizonans have in common; this is what we get when we elect “experienced” Politicians

By Scott Ryan

Steve Wynn has been getting a lot of air play throughout the news media and Internet for his famous rant on Barack Obama  but guess what Steve – it’s partly YOUR fault.  YOU said you voted for him and you supported Harry Reed.  Why in the hell did you support Harry Reed?  After ALL we went through as a nation, with the hijacking of America and the most aggressive advancement of Marxism in American HISTORY.  You knew what this guy is.  Anyone who would vote for this pitiful fraction of a man deserves exactly what they get.

After Reed pushed Obamacare on this nation, ramming through a bill he and Pelosi claimed they didn’t even read, we had a golden opportunity to extricate him from the US Senate.  He was at one point trailing in the polls.  Americans were outraged by the absurdity.  If people like you had any sense we may have taken the Senate and we wouldn’t be going through this torment right now.  I enjoyed your candid rant but – you deserve the credit for this juggernaut Steve. 

To hell with Vegas!  I was disgusted when before the election I saw voters in Nevada asserting that they were supporting Reed because he brings attention to their state and has too much influence on their behalf to elect a newcomer.  Well, I hope Vegas goes bust.  That would be the best thing for this country.  Sin City is soon to become another Sodom.

On a similar vein, we begged and pleaded with Arizonans not to support John McCain this past election.  Arizonans to what should be their chagrin took his typical bait as he pretended to be a conservative yet one more time.  Arizonans can’t seem to resist the dubious attention they get with McCain. 

As we saw last week, he couldn’t resist the temptation of attacking conservatives in the House and Senate.  He didn’t pass up the chance to insult conservative Americans by taking the podium and attacking American voters who want responsible government by disdainfully calling them “hobbits” 

Arizonans, you people had an opportunity to purge our party of this two-faced attention hound and replace him with an authentic leader in J.D. Hayworth once and for all.  In the Arizona focus groups the eternally credulous voters of that state told us that we need someone of his experience and wisdom as though he were the “old sage” Ben Franklin himself.  Arizonans, once again, thanks for NOTHING.  We know we can’t count on you.  We know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot…

These are just two egregious examples of what we get when we hold our noses and vote for “experienced” politicians.  Experience at screwing us over is all they bring to the table.

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