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Sixteen Democrat senators want the Department of Justice to investigate states with voter ID laws to determine whether photo identification requirements would keep millions of eligible voters from voting.  

“Many of these laws effectively disenfranchise thousands of eligible voters.” Michael Bennet, Democrat Senator from Colorado

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Democrat lawmakers—Mark Begich, Alaska; Michael Bennet, Colorado; Dick Durbin, Illinois; Tom Harkin, Iowa; Mary Landrieu, Louisiana; Benjamin Cardin, Maryland; Harry Reid, Nevada, Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire, Tom Udall, New Mexico; Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, New York; Sherrod Brown, Ohio; Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, Oregon; Patty Murray, Washington; and Herb Kohl, Wisconsin—wrote that photo ID requirements have the potential to keep older people, racial minorities, low-income voters, and students from exercising their right to vote.

“We urge you to protect the voting rights of Americans by using the full power of the Department of Justice to review these voter identification laws and scrutinize their implementation.”

Photo IDs are necessary to curtail Democrat voter fraud that has become rampant in recent elections. They ensure that voters are legally registered, and that they vote only once.

Every state offers photo identification to people who don’t have a driver’s license. Maryland public schools even require students to carry photo identification to prove that they belong in school.

Photo IDs are necessary to fly or cash a check. They are also required to get food stamps, medical assistance, and other government “entitlements.”

Enough of this maddness! Either Americans value their right to vote as much as they do their government “entitlements” or they don’t.

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Senators concerned by photo ID requirement to vote.

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Obama One Step Closer to His Goal of Forcing State Secession

By Scott Ryan

The appeals court ruled today in favor of Obama’s “health reform.” The court said Affordable Care Act is a ‘valid exercise’ of congressional power.

Here’s all you need to know. The United States of America is hanging by a thread. If this abomination of a law is upheld by the Supreme Court, several state legislators will defend the constitutional right of their citizens.  The gravity of the decision to come by the Supreme Court cannot be mitigated.  If this law stands, there will be secession – and the Keynesian Kenyan will likely not leave well enough alone.  Since he came here to destroy this country from the day he popped out of nowhere, he would no doubt declare war on the more virtuous half of this land that should be called the GFSA (God Fearing States of America).

If this saboteur wins re-election in 2012 and has his way with this nation for another four years, following is a projection of what the intellectually indolent media will be saying :

“Look at the parallels between Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln… He’s a second coming of Lincoln, from Illinois, he announced his candidacy in front of the state house where Lincoln served, he campaigned in front of Lincoln images in 2007, he served the same menu at his inauguration, was sworn in on Lincoln’s Bible… AND NOW – he presides over America’s SECOND CIVIL WAR…”

But the leftist sycophants won’t be explaining that this man deliberately instigated and picked at every wound, sowed discord in every fathomable way and deliberately CAUSED the WAR!

His administration has methodically divided this nation day by day, step by step.

This corrupt regime is suing a litany of Border States for simply enforcing the federal laws for which this centralized government was constitutionally chartered – protecting the borders.

They are forcing the states to sue them for forcing citizens to participate in his Marxist healthcare scam.

In a time of multiple wars he has forced the legal approbation of homosexuality within all branches of the military.  This Trojan horse is not content to stop there as his administration now seeks to promulgate homosexual “marriage” within the ranks of the military and indoctrinating our soldiers sowing discord in the midst of their engagements.

They are now spitting in the faces of grieving families as they fight to prohibit the use of the word God or Jesus at military funerals of our fallen soldiers (as we have seen this very week in the news).

This administration has worked tirelessly to prevent the enemy combatants from being tried at military tribunals, instead granting these terrorists “constitutional rights” in our own judicial system – rights of a constitution these enemies themselves abhor and are fighting to destroy!

And today, on the same day this federal court upheld this effrontery against our nation, Obama castigated our congress for attempting to save this nation from bankruptcy, demanding like a petulant child that they RAISE taxes in order to codify what will be the death knell to our economy.

This man who was raised by leftists in a disfunctional family, despising every principle upon which this great nation was founded is like a culmination of all our national sins, embodied in one very real individual.  He has a plan for America and it makes fictional stories like The Manchurian read like Disney. See “Obama’s Financial Terrorism,” a piece I wrote over two years ago.

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