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In a piece posted at Free Republic, Kenny Bunk tells GOP presidential candidates to stop “trying to be all things to all focus groups” and to start telling Republican voters what they would do about the budget, taxes, immigration, Muslim terrorists, defense, energy, states’ rights, health care, and social security.

“Since I already know from painful economic experience how bad things are, what I really need to know now is what are The Program and The Plans that you offer to set our country back on the right course?”

Bunk advises the field to stop worrying about being pilloried by the mainstream media and to go on the offensive and “attack Obama hard.”

“[T]he MSM is going to pillory you … end of story. Punch back. Stop trying to be Politically Correct. You cannot be Politically Correct and do the job that has to be done. Attacking the MSM is just as good as attacking Obama. They are one and the same.”

In addition, Bunk advises the GOP candidates to lead “from the strength of honestly stated views” and to stop pandering to minorities.

“You will never get a majority of the “Black” vote, the “Latino” vote, the “Jewish” vote. The “Gay and Lesbian” vote, or anywhere near it. Do not, I beg you, fear to offend those whom we have somehow already offended years ago by freeing them from slavery, welcoming them to live in the United States, defending Israel, and even by turning a blind eye to monstrous perversions.”

Bunk’s thought provoking piece offers the conservative candidates in the race some excellent advice. They would be wise to heed it.

I.M. Kane

For the rest of Bunk’s commentary, see Nail to the GOP Front Door.

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