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“The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”—Barack Obama, from his August 21, 2010, weekly address to the nation

Last night in the first of a three-part segment, Donald Trump was interviewed by Buffo Bill O’Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor and defended “Birthers” and why he thinks the Ruler should produce his long-form birth certificate.

Buffo Bill:  Now we very early on did an investigation about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. And what the Factor found out was there were two announcements the week he was born in both Honolulu newspapers saying that he was born. … That is impossible to make happen if he had not been born in the hospital. So therefore, I just put it to bed. I said he was born in Honolulu. … The two newspapers documented it. … So I just dismissed it, but you made a big deal out of it. … Why is this important to you?

The Donald:  Because if you are going to be President of the United States you have to be born in this country, and there is a doubt as to whether he was born in this country.

Buffo Bill:  Come on! You really feel there’s a doubt?

The Donald:  What they do to the birthers, which is a term I hate, because a lot of these birthers are really quality people that just want the truth. What they do to the birthers is unbelievable, to a point where people are afraid to talk about this subject. They’re afraid to confront you or anybody about this subject.

Buffo Bill:  Do you think it’s an important subject? [The no-spin poll at Buffo Bill’s Fox News page shows that over 70 percent of respondents think Trump is right for bringing up the birth certificate subject.]

The Donald:  People have birth certificates. He doesn’t have a birth certificate. Now, he may have one, but there’s something on that birth .. maybe religion. Maybe it says he’s a Muslim. I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t want that, or he doesn’t have one. But I’ll tell you something. If he wasn’t born in this country, it’s one of the greatest scams of all time. … Two weeks ago, I felt probably he was born in the country. Today it’s possibly. I’m telling you it’s changed.

Buffo Bill is either ignorant or lying when he says that a newspaper announcement proves the Ruler was born in Hawaii. When the Ruler was born in 1961, ACT 96 To Provide For The Issuance Of Certificates Of Hawaiian Birth was in effect in Hawaii.

Under the law, a parent or grandparent could have fraudulently obtained a certification of live birth (COLB) by falsely declaring to the director of health (DOH) a Hawaiian birth for a child born in another state or a foreign country. That is, the parent or grandparent could have sworn under oath and presented witnesses and other evidence to the director that the child was born in Hawaii, and if the DOH accepted it, that ended it. 

[§338-17.8] Certificates for children born out of State.

(a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

(b) Proof of legal residency shall be submitted to the director of health in any manner that the director shall deem appropriate. The director of health may also adopt any rules pursuant to chapter 91 that he or she may deem necessary or proper to prevent fraudulent applications for birth certificates and to require any further information or proof of events necessary for completion of a birth certificate.

The issuance of the COLB would have triggered the birth announcements in the newspapers, which would have been taken from a list sent by the DOH, not from any hospital or the parents or grandparents of the child.

The Ruler refuses to release his long-form birth certificate for one of two reasons: either something is on the document or missing from the document that he doesn’t want known, or no long-form document exists.

The real question is why have Buffo Bill, Castor Oil Coulter, Michelle Malkin, David Horowitz, et al affixed birther, kook, and crank labels on so many Americans for raising legitimate questions regarding this subject?  

I.M. Kane


In the clip below, the Rulers comment comes at the 2:06 mark.

Weekly Address: No Corporate Takeover of Our Democracy 3:45 Video

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