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The Democrats idea of Hope, Change & A New Kind of Politics

by Scott Ryan

The Democrat unions have given us a clear definition of what defines them.  All any sensible person needs to see is the video of these protestors to rightly conclude they are savages. Their behavior speaks volumes. There are jobless people hurting all over the country and these cretins are acting like their plight is that of early 20th century Russian peasants because they may have to pay a small percentage of their health benefits instead of the tax payer paying all of it.

They represent the lowest common denominator society has to offer and they deserve to lose their jobs and I frankly wish they would. It is mortifying to think that some people bus their beloved children off to be violated by people like this every day.

This and of course the recent death threats now being served to the Governor and legislators really buttresses the notion that the governors have are not going far enough. This is concrete proof that the state legislators should not be curtailing government unions but rather let them have their unions and just defund the public schools altogether and let private schools compete for those dollars. Then these indoctrinated ingrates can negotiate benefits for jobs at schools that no longer exist.

Following is a video I found on YouTube narrated by a young lady who did a fine job explaining her personal experience at the Wisconsin capital. It’s titled “Classy moments from the union rally”, not exactly broadcast quality but it is quite amusing; so I would recommend taking the time to view this piece.

Classy moments from the union rally 4:00 Video

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