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Public sector unions are number one when it comes to spending in state elections, and 98.5 percent of that money goes to elect Democrats.

“Unions such as the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the National Education Association and the Service Employees International Union give hundreds of millions of dollars to Democrats — some $171 million in 2010 alone. They give almost nothing to Republicans.”—Michael A. Walsh, New York Post columnist

The :34 video below gives a concise, uncomplicated explanation for why fair-minded people oppose public sector unions:

“Politicians negotiate with unions on how much taxpayer money they’ll get. Then the unions pay dues with the taxpayer money, which their leaders spend on electing Democrat politicians. They return the favor with more taxpayer dollars for unions, which means more dues to the leadership, which means more campaigning for Democrat politicians. It’s an endless loop of corruption and the endless money comes from you.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose administration blazed the legal and administrative trail for modern unionism, openly opposed collective bargaining rights for public sector unions:

“The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. … A strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent on their part to prevent or obstruct the operations of Government.”—Franklin D. Roosevelt, a 1937 letter to the National Federation of Federal Employees

Wisconsin started the money laundering between public sector unions and the Democrat Party decades ago; and now that it’s come full circle, Wisconsin will once again determine the fate of this illegal activity.

I.M. Kane

 StopUnionCorruption.org :34 video


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