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Teacher hatred for Fox News has turned violent. Fox News reporter Mike Tobin was hit twice by teacher-union protestors during his live report on the union rally at the Wisconsin capitol.

In the video below, teacher protestors are chanting “Fox News lies” and extending their arms and signs in front of the camera to block Tobin’s live report of the rally.

Tobin is talking to a Fox anchor about the level of teacher hatred for Fox News and how the protestors are trying to prevent him from reporting on the rally:  

“A teacher was giving me the business yesterday, and the teacher told me she hates me because it makes her feel good. That’s the situation out here, Greg.”

During the segment, Tobin is assaulted by a protestor right after Fox News cuts away from him to show a live shot inside the Capitol.

The union’s vitriolic hatred is not limited to Fox News:  a young lady working for FreedomWorks was assaulted by a union thug, a former Massachusetts congressional candidate was knocked to the ground by union thugs, a Tea Party activist was attacked and injured by a union member at a MoveOn.org-organized rally, and the families of Wisconsin congressional members have been harassed and threatened by union thugs.

In 1933, about two and a half million Germans belonged the Nazi Party, of whom 7 percent were upper class, another 7 percent were peasants, 35 percent were factory workers, and 51 percent came from the professional and middle class.

“[In] the professional and middle class, the largest occupational group represented was elementary school teachers. Hitler and the Nazis thus already had a core group of committed followers in a position to help them shape the minds of the next generation.”

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see The New Civility: Left Threatens Fox News Reporter Days Before Assault By Union Demonstrator.

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