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Radio talk show host Mark Levin reads an enlightening email from a retired union cop who details his and his wife’s taxpayer funded cafeteria plan of benefits and explains the quid pro quo relationship that exists between public employee unions and the Democrat Party. 

“During my 30-plus years, Democrats controlled both houses of the California legislature and always a majority of the local city councils. The public employee unions have done a very good job of keeping Democrats in power.

In 1973 I paid almost 10 percent of my salary towards my pension—my pension, back then, was to be equivalent to 75 percent of an average of my last three years’ salary.

Over the years my local representatives worked hard to get sympathetic candidates elected to the city councils as well as the state legislature. The same was true of the so-called state union. The union even raised our dues to have more money to spend on elections.

The result was during my 30-plus years as an officer I went from paying almost 10 percent of my salary toward my pension to paying nothing. I also went from contributing something to my health care to paying nothing. …

As a result [of the pension benefit increase from 75 percent of the averaged last three years’ salary] I retired in 2002 at the age of 56 with 91 percent of my final year’s salary as a pension benefit with cost of living increases every year since then.”

For those who don’t understand why it’s crucial to bust up the public sector unions, this 12:03 audio is a must listen.

I.M. Kane

The audio is also available at The Mark Levin Show website at 02/25 under Audio Rewind. The segment begins at the 17:20 mark.

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