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Anti-smoking fanatics in Hennepin County Minnesota are proposing to outlaw smoking on county property, including smoking in vehicles parked on county property.

“[The ban would address] an ugly and disgusting habit that visits itself on everybody else.”—Mike Opat, Hennepin County Board of Commissioners chairman

If passed, the state’s most populous county would fine smokers for lighting up anywhere on county-owned or county-leased properties.

“The intent is not to punish anybody, it’s to create a healthy environment.”—Jill Hamilton, Hennepin County HealthWorks program manager

The county’s proposed ban reflects a growing trend nationwide for smoking bans in public buildings. Earlier this month, hospitals and medical firms in several states began to reject job applications from smokers.

“[T]his policy … would help pave the way for other counties going through the same struggles and pave the way as an example.”—Tera King, Healthworks program wellness analyst

The anti-smoking zealots who use government power to force smokers to forfeit their decision-making rights and adopt other people’s values belong to the sanctimonious “we-know-what’s-best-for-everyone” contingent. These self-righteous, judgmental, tyrannical do-gooders demand everybody comply with their “health” standards and live according to their “good” judgment.

They are not just out to quell smokers’ rights, they’re also out to keep the beer, butter, burgers, and breakfast sausage from the lips of fat people. The health-conscious zealots have also targeted big-bellied Floridians who receive Medicaid. Florida legislators have crafted a bill to force Florida Medicaid recipients to drop the pounds and stop smoking or lose the health care.

“If you are non-compliant with your appointments, if you reject medical advice, there is a system in place under current law … where someone would no longer receive services.”—Joe Negron, Florida State Senator

Fat Floridians have been targeted because they’re a drain on the state’s Medicaid budget, and once ObamaCare is implemented nationwide, smokers and overweight people will be a drain on the country’s health care budget. At that point, the health-conscious fanatics will be able to foist their values on everyone in the name of lowing health-care costs.

Soda pop, fast food, and snack food will be rationed because of their link to obesity and poor health. And to keep people healthy, it will be necessary to impose exercise regimens and purchase limits on non-nutritious foods.

So if people don’t shape up or pack up once they’re advised to do so, they’ll be stripped of their heath care. Hey, wait a minute! Wasn’t “health care for everyone” the reason touted by the Ruler and Congressional Democrats in the first place for replacing the world’s finest health care system with ObamaCare?

I am sorely confused … I am at a complete loss …

I.M Kane

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