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A mob of angry mourners attacked and assaulted two Fox journalists Sunday afternoon while they were reporting on the murder of 27-year-old Chester Jackson who was shot earlier that day in the parking lot of an International House of Pancakes restaurant in Sacramento, California.

FOX 40 News reporter John Lobertini and camerawoman Rebecca Little were attacked and assaulted outside the restaurant when they approached a group of people standing near a makeshift memorial of candles and flowers to talk about Jackson.

“When I fell on the ground I was protecting myself, and then she kicked me and I was still kinda paralyzed, and I hear my reporter John say, ‘get up, get up,'”—Rebecca Little, Fox 40 News camerawoman

Several reporters from local news outlets, who captured the assault on video, were also threatened, and so was a photographer from the Sacramento Bee newspaper.  

“This is one of the hazards of the business, but I’ve gotta tell you we didn’t expect what we encountered here today. … It was a situation where I was trying to fight off 6 or 7 or 8 people, I can’t even count them”—John Lobertini, FOX 40 News reporter

It’s understandable for friends and relatives to get upset at a news crew for interrupting their mourning of a recently murdered loved one, but these angry “mourners” inserted themselves in the middle of a murder investigation on a public sidewalk outside a public restaurant in a business district. In spite of that they summarily dismiss their barbarism and point the accusatory finger at others for provoking it.  

“A lot of people, they’re not in the right state of mind when going through something like this. So you know, all I say is, when someone asks you something, that you should respect it and respect their wishes.”—Meghan Saffold, angry mourner

Police say they will look at the video footage to determine whether charges should be filed. So far no arrests have been made, and none will be because their actions stem from 200 years of white bigotry and racial hatred. LOL!

Still think there’s hope for this country? Better think again.

I.M. Kane

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