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While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was condemning governments for arresting protestors and denying free speech, her security personnel were manhandling a 71-year-old veteran Army officer directly in front of her for conducting a silent protest. 

Ray McGovern, who also worked as a C.I.A. analyst for 27 years, was arrested yesterday at George Washington University because he stood up and turned his back on Clinton when she began her speech.

The :53 video below shows police and an unidentified official snatching up McGovern from an audience of morons in front of Clinton and dragging him through the auditorium. According to McGovern, he was taken into custody, charged with disorderly conduct, and “brutalized and left bleeding in jail.”

Veterans for Peace is demanding an apology from Secretary of State Clinton. ROFLOL

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Veterans Group Demands Apology from Sec. of State Clinton.

Hillary Clinton interrupted by protester heckler 15.02.2011 :53 Video

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The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints continue to see their membership increase in this country while membership in most Protestant churches is declining.

“Churches which have been increasing in membership in recent years continue to grow and likewise, those churches which have been declining in recent years continue to decline.”—Rev. Eileen Lindner, editor of the annual report by the National Council of Churches

While Catholics, the country’s largest church body, and Mormons continued to grow slowly but surely last year, the Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian churches continued to suffer 1 to 3 percent declines.

Stalwart notions of individualism and freedom of conscience sprang from the Enlightenment and the Reformation respectively. The intellectual left has replaced the supremacy of the individual with the supremacy of state, and the religious right has abandoned freedom of conscience for a belief in a hierarchic authority.

This nation looks more like Plato’s Republic than it does the republic envisioned by the Founders.  Liberty-loving conservatives are being constantly harangued, mocked, and vilified by Democrat and Republican elites and their mouthpieces, who believe that the country should be governed and controlled by a small specially gifted progressive-thinking minority rather than a mob of vulgar, conservative-minded commoners. And what’s sadder still is that most of the vulgar, conservative-minded commoners seem to be agreeing with them.

I am conservative minded … I am a vulgar commoner …

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see Catholic church growing, Baptist and mainline Protestant numbers decline.

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The Ruler is set to rebuke Israel in the U.N. Security Council and join with his Arab and leftist European friends in condemning and undermining the only true democracy in the region.

For the first time, the U.S. will break with Israel to join with the council’s 15-nation body in vetoing an anti-settlement resolution to stop its key ally from constructing new settlements. The U.N. Security Council “does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity.”

If only the L.A. Times hadn’t buried the 2003 videotape of Rashid Khalidi and Barack Obama, the Ruler’s Jewish supporters would have known his pro-Palestinian “views on the Middle East and the degree to which [they were] misled on those views during the presidential campaign.”   

American Jews who actually love and support Israel voted for the man who now blames Israeli Jews for the problems in the Middle East. The irony is both staggering and tragic.

The Obama administration is no friend to Israel, is no friend to the Jews in America and is no friend to democracy or freedom in America.  …Just by his very appointments, we can see him filling positions of power with people who are anti-Semitic, who want to see Israel essentially dissolved as a nation, if not by diplomacy, then certainly by war.”—Douglas J. Hagmann, Director of the Northeast Intelligence Network

I.M. Kane

For more on the story, see In sharp reversal, U.S. agrees to rebuke Israel in Security Council, Friends Like U.S., and Why Is the L.A. Times Burying the Obama/Khalidi Tape?

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