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“Journalists” who write for Propagandist or Gatekeeper publishers are constrained by editors who represent and protect the publishers’ interests and world view. Editors who work for left, moderate, or right leaning publishers either downplay or ignore stories and opinions that challenge or conflict with those held by their publishers. 

The truth be damned when it is at odds with the publishers’ personal or political bent. When the truth gores the publishers’ proverbial ox, editors will spin it, bury it, or omit it; but rest assured, they will never allow it to appear unvarnished to their readers.

Readers who seek the truth, discover it piecemeal. Alternative media stories and opinions often provide readers with additional information, and a better chance to find the truth. Because the alternative media lack editorial constraints, they can provide stories and opinions that would otherwise be deleted from editor queues at the Propagandist and Gatekeeper publishers.  

Lacking the constraints imposed by editors for the Propagandist and Gatekeeper publishers, the alternative media are unleashed to pursue stories and express opinions with impunity, or until the Ruler can impose his “universal Internet ID” program that will track, monitor, and control the activity of all Internet users.

The Propagandist and Gatekeeper publishers would like nothing more than to silence the alternative media outlets that refuse to tout the accepted storyline or regurgitate the established politically-correct opinions.

As long as the Internet remains free of government control and censorship, the alternative media will remain the lone source of free speech, dissent, and unfiltered information.

I urge my readers to visit the following alternative sites to check out their opinions and stories. They’re good guys who’ve routinely endorsed my commentaries and news stores and my work at The Millstone Diaries: 

The guys at MichNews.com, who feature my news stories and commentaries, offer a plethora of conservative columns, cartoons as well as national and international news events;

The guys at Chuck on the Right Side, who were instrumental in getting Colonel Allen West elected to Congress, offer daily conservative social and political commentaries;

Scott Ryan at the Table of Wisdom offers his social, political, and economic commentaries.  His piece Cal & Nevada: The New Soddom & Gomorrah is worth reading;

The anonymous professor at elvisnixon.com provides conservative opinions, including his own perspective on politics and current events. His recent interview with Pundit Press is worth reading; and

The Circuit Rider at The Circuit Rider’s Range and the blog Musings of a Maverick brings his religious perspective to current events and politics. His musing, “The Issue Is Not the Ability to Serve, But Rather a Moral One!” is worth reading.

I.M. Kane

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