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The following 2:17 video below is a News Channel 13 story about an alleged black-on-white assault and hate crime. According to the news report, four black Skidmore College students punched, kicked, and broke a plate over the head of a white man for eating dinner with a black man, who happened to be an off-duty sheriff’s deputy.

The private liberal arts college in Saratoga Springs, New York, boasts of its “engaged student body” and the Skidmore students were rapturously engaged in hurling racial invectives and insults at the salt’n pepper diners.

Apparently, a black man eating dinner with a white man provoked the Skidmore scholars, and they verbally engaged the two diners for dishonoring and disrespecting black people. So when the deputy went to the restroom, the four black supremacists engaged the white boy in a violent beating.

Although college officials refused to answer reporters’ questions regarding the alleged criminal assault and hate crime, they did say that the four students are not suspended and that the college is providing them with support and counseling, even though it’s school policy to suspend any student accused of a felony.

A restaurant full of people who do nothing speaks volumes about the Democrat Party’s control over the system of jurisprudence and the injustice that permeates all levels of government. The story is illustrative of how strained race relations really are.

The people recognize that they are one major event away from political calamity and social chaos, but they are too cowardly to confront and stand against the reverse bigotry that has become the norm.

Americans lost their only hope to restore the rule of law under the Constitution and to regain the nation’s cultural and religious heritage when they voted last November to remain a secular nation governed by progressive elites.

A self-ordained professor’s tongue

Too serious to fool

Spouted out that liberty

Is just equality in school

“Equality,” I spoke the word

As if a wedding vow

Ah, but I was so much older then

I’m younger than that now

I.M. Kane

For information about what life is like for white students on the campus:

WRITE:  Skidmore College

Muriel E. Poston, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculty

815 North Broadway

Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

PHONE:  518-580-5705

FAX:  518-580-5694

E-MAIL:  dfaculty@skidmore.edu

Black Students Attack White Man For Eating Dinner With Black Man 2:17 Video

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