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Obama tries to position himself as the second coming of Lincoln

by Scott Ryan

After witnessing the effrontery of Barack Obama against the states and our constitution, it is apparent this man has come here for the sole purpose of fomenting a civil war. From day one of his campaign he has made efforts to position himself as a pseudo-Lincoln. From his campaign announcement in front of the Illinois state capitol where Lincoln served (with a Lincoln banner behind him), to his announcement of Biden as his running mate (in front of a Lincoln banner), from his quoting of Lincoln (in specious contexts) to his insistence upon swearing in on the same Bible upon which Lincoln was sworn in and even having the exact same MENUE as Lincoln’s inauguration.

The problem is that this man, if anything, is the Anti-Lincoln. Lincoln dogged Senator Douglas all over the state of Illinois, challenging Douglas to debate the KEY ISSUE upon which his REPUBLICAN Party was literally founded. That issue was the central question of whether a human being can rightfully be the PROPERTY of another human being. The central belief to the contrary is rooted in the same moral absolute that our Declaration of Independence invokes, which is that life and our inalienable rights are granted by God and no human tribunal has the right to encroach upon that of another. The same pillar that demanded the abolition of slavery is central to the Republican Party’s platform on abortion. Claiming the authority to abrogate this right for one group of human beings over another is to blasphemously make oneself out to be that one and only God Himself.

It wasn’t a coincidence that Barack Hussein Obama went of his way to try to link himself to Lincoln. His campaign was the most carefully produced and contrived of any in history by producers from Hollywood to indoctrinated school children singing songs of devotion as though right out of the handbook of the most notorious communist dictators in history. To view such exploitation of children is enough to make any decent person sick to their stomach.

So he worked diligently to position himself a Lincoln-esque messiah over the years while crafting the division, pitting Americans against one another at every opportunity. He attacks every sacred value that made America what it is. He defends a Muslim terrorist who murdered soldiers at Fort Hood. He defends the terrorists who want to build a mosque over-looking the area of the Twin Towers. He goes on a tour bowing to foreign dictators. He tells the Islamic world that America is NOT a Christian nation. He does everything he possibly can to bankrupt our country with Marxist programs like his healthcare and nationalization schemes. And most recently, to exploit the latest tragedy, he moved to have Internet IDs for every American through the U.S. Commerce Department.

He picks at wounds and provokes states into a slew of law suits as he forces anarchy within border-states, refusing to enforce the federal laws that encapsulate the very charter of the federal government itself.  Then he attacks such states for trying to enforce the federal laws that he encourages to be violated. Last, he works to sow discord in the US Military by working tirelessly to promote homosexuality within the ranks, giving commendation for sodomy and equating the “plight” of those enslaved to this perversion to that of the African slave who was afforded no autonomy over his or her destiny.

For such an imposter to attempt to equate himself to Abraham Lincoln is not a far cry from a metaphoric “abomination of desolation” (Rev 13).

If you read the New York Times from the years leading up to 1861, you will see the ferments surrounding the issue of slavery and state’s rights were very similar to those now. I predicted that it is only a matter of time before we see some kind of catalyst, some modern equivalent to our own modern day Harper’s Ferry. I thought for CERTAIN that it would be an event that would transpire at any mosque built at the former site of the World Trade Center, as Americans will not likely tolerate such an egregious affront to their sensibilities and especially to the memory of those beloved who were murdered on that day.

Whatever it turns out to be, it is obvious that the bizarre circumstances in which this virtually unknown man came into power is so improbable given his lack of experience, recognition, Marxist and hateful mentors and colleagues. On top of all that, the fact that he shares the same name as the notorious rogue dictator we just removed and a world tribunal just executed makes it all the more surreal. I have previously written years ago that the improbability of all of this happening is so high that it demonstrates the fact that this can be nothing less than spiritual.

He is much like Leland Gaunt of the film Needful Things. The charming Gaunt, a man the community knows nothing about comes to the small town of “Castlerock”

Leland Gaunt comes to the pleasant little town of “Castlerock”, and opens a store. He has something for everyone. The price is of course corruption and chaos and it leads to the people to unspeakable violence. This man caters to, to turn around the phrase used by Lincoln, the FALLEN angels of our nature.

Watch the trailers for the film and tell me if you don’t see a parallel:

Nevertheless, all this combined with the chaos to come when select leftist states like California and New York go bankrupt as the new congress refuses them the bailouts to which they fancy themselves entitled, mark my words; the state in which you live and the rectitude of the legislature and Governor thereof is going to soon be more important than any time in modern history. For this reason, based upon recent elections, I’m glad to be in Florida.

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